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Ave Henselt!

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After completing The Butcher of Cidaris, there will be an upcoming tournament for skilled swordsmen and knights. Geralt is also invited to fight in the arena. The quest starts automatically because Proximo will approach you after the aforementioned quest.


Once you're ready to fight, go over to Proximo at the arena ring at #1 and tell him that you wish to participate. He'll tell you that those are not fights to death and that they take place from 12:00 to 20:00. You can then talk to him afterwards and he can tell you that your opponents are Gwydion, Rendag and Borin.

Gwydion is, as Proximo says, one of the top fencers in Kaedweni army. Rendag is one of the most experienced soldiers, having fought in all Henselt's campaigns in the last two decades. Borin is the classical reckless fighter, he fears nothing and no one.

Fights end once your opponent reaches 50% of their health, or you can yield (default key F) and automatically lose the battle. Gwydion is a really simple opponent. Rendag bears a shield, so use Yrden to trap him and then beat him with strong attacks. Borin uses a two-handed blade with slightly higher reach than yours, but it's nothing you can't handle. Each of the fights will net you 50 experience points, which sums up to 150 experience points after this quest phase.

Henselt will then comment on the fact that no one can beat the witcher, which will trigger a secret opponent. Ves will try to defeat you in a duel. Seeing as she's a woman, you may be tempted to surrender, but do not. Ves won't tolerate that you weren't serious in a fight with her. It pays off much more to simply defeat her and she'll want to talk with you over in her tent (#3). You'll also gain 250 orens from Proximo for your efforts.

You can then pursue a romantic evening with Ves which ends in a cutscene if you okay your cards right in the dialog choices. Note that that is possible only if you defeated her. You'll also gain additional 100 experience points.

1 - Proximo

2 - Arena

3 - Ves






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