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Vergen Besieged

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After completing The Eternal Battle, talking to Philippa (#1) reveals that Saskia has recovered completely and that she's ready to lead the upcoming battle.


As you get out of Philippa's house, you'll notice things have changed in Vergen. Barricades have been constructed, soldiers are training etc. You objective is to find Zoltan at the main gate (#2).

Talking to the dwarf reveals that Henselt is going to arrive any minute. He also drew straws with Yarpen for the general spot (the loser gets the title). You won't have to wait long though because Kaedwenis will appear during your conversation and the battle is commencing.

Your first objective is to find the winch at #3 after battling several Kaedwenis. Rapidly click left mouse button on the wooden structure and you'll shower the kaedwenis below with burning oil. Now you'll have to return to Zoltan who is waiting at #2 and plan out your next move. The Kaedwenis are going strong and you'll have to pull back. The quest will update and you'll earn 300 experience points.

Additional 200 experience points are earned once you reach Sheldon (#4) who'll close the gate as you enter the inner part of the city. Get up onto the walls (#5) where you'll see Saskia giving a battle speech. Once it's over, the Kaedwenis will attack using the ladders to mount the walls. Defeat all the incoming soldiers.

After a few waves, you'll get 400 experience points during a short conversation with Zoltan. Another push is coming from the Kaedwen forces. Once you defeat several waves, Saskia will approach you. She says that she sent a scout unit to secure the entrance to the secret tunnels beneath Vergen but they haven't returned. Therefore she'll need your help to go down there, investigate what happened and seal the way. Another 400 experience points are gained here.

Follow her until you reach the entrance to the tunnels located at #6. Follow the path and you'll come across four mercenaries very soon. Dispatch them and after exploring the tunnels for a while, you'll meet Dethmold and his bodyguards at #7. Dethmold is a mage so look out for his absorbing shield, teleports, fireballs and lightning bolts.

Unfortunately, after you defeat all the soldiers, Dethmold will hit you with a fireball and you'll nearly burn to death. At that moment, you'll witness the grand secret of Saskia. She's ,in fact, the dragon in a human form. She'll metamorph into dragon and chase Dethmold away to prevent him from killing you. You'll also get 300 experience points after a lengthy conversation with Saskia where a lot of questions are answered.

Head back with Saskia to the surface (#6) through the tunnel entrance. Zoltan will wait for you on the other side, and he'll inform you that Henselt's came to lead the army personally. Also, at this point, the trolls that you could save in Where is Triss Merigold? will come to aid your cause.

You'll then head to the walls again (#5) where Saskia will again hold an invigorating speech to the Vergen army whose morale has fallen over the course of the battle. When Saskia's down, they'll be back on their feet again, ready to fight. Also, you'll gain another 400 experience points.

Another wave approaches. You might have noticed that Iorveth didn't appear yet. Right after you defeat the incoming Kaedweni soldiers, he'll finally enter the battle and nail them with his archer units. A short evaluation of current decisions will stream through Geralt's mind, and you'll be back into battle. Apparently, Dethmold damaged the gate, but Zoltan claims he can fix it with your help. Go with him to the main gate. You'll also gain 200 experience points.

Use the ladder at #8. As you reach Iorveth, you'll get 300 experience points. Head with Zoltan and Iorveth to #9, where Zoltan will close the main gate, cutting Henselt and a handful of his knights off the outside area. You'll also gain 600 experience points.

Henselt surrenders, as he realizes that all hope's lost for him. During the talks with Philippa and Saskia, he'll be asked to sign the paper that will relinquish him of Aedirn and crossing the Pontar ever again. In addition, Saskia demanded Dethmold's death. Now comes the interesting part. Saskia doesn't exactly portray the characteristics of an executor, so her sentencing Dethmold is outright dubious. She'll also say afterwards that she and Philippa talk with one voice. Something's definitely not right.

Iorveth will instantly notice that. He'll tell you that she doesn't behave like that. Follow them into Philippa's house (#1). Saskia and Philippa will teleport away to Loc Muinne though, but you'll be able to search the house with Iorveth, in case it might shed some light on Saskia's behavior.

You'll find Philippa's book, Venoms and Poisons, which could prove useful. In your conversation with Iorveth, you'll tell him that you know the whole truth. Soon enough you'll see the recipe for the poison that befell Saskia earlier (magepain) and notice that one of the ingredients is missing - rose of remembrance. Philippa used it to put a mind influencing spell on Saskia. That's why she behaved totally out of her character.

Loc Muinne seems to be your next destination and you'll head out to there once you talk to Zoltan and Dandelion first at #10. After your goodbye talk, Iorveth and Geralt will continue to Loc Muinne. Congratulations on beating Act II!

1 - Philippa Eilhart

2 - Zoltan

3 - Oil winch

4 - Inner gate

5 - Inner walls

6 - Secret tunnels entrance

7 - Encounter with Dethmold

8 - Ladders

9 - Gate winch

10 - Zoltan & Dandelion






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