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The Blasphemer's Outfit

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This armor set is attainable only while playing on Dark difficulty level in Chapter 1. Legend has it that this outfit was worn by one of the three brothers, who had a mission to recover the stolen treasure that a dragon named Ostreverg plundered from the temple of Freya. However it's been cursed once the brother abandoned the mission, hence the armor name (Blasphemer's).


The new armor introduced in the Dark mode offers a new ability - lifestealing. However, if you're not wearing all the armor pieces, drawing the sword deals continous damage to your health, eventually killing you if you're not careful. Once you acquire all the pieces, you'll get lifestealing, which easens up the combat difficulty.

To craft the armor set, visit Berthold Candeleria, the dwarven blacksmith in Flotsam. You'll need to spend a lot of money and crafting ingredients, so you might wish to prepare for that. There are six items that comprise the whole armor set: The total cost of diagrams is 1996 orens (Armor 801, Boots 101, Gauntlets 161, Trousers 131, Anathema 401, Ultimatum 401). Money required to craft them equals 515 coins (150 + 25 + 40 + 40 + 135 + 125, respectively).

As far as crafting components go you'll need:
  • Armor - 14x Studded Leather, 8x Nekker Claws, 4x Amethyst Dust, 4x Diamond Dust, 6x Robust Cloth
  • Boots - 2x Studded Leather, 4x Hardened Leather, 6x Robust Cloth, 1x Endrega Hide
  • Gauntlets - 6x Hardened Leather, 2x Robust Cloth, 4x Twine, 2x Endrega Venom
  • Trousers - 4x Hardened Leather, 4x Studded Leather, 6x Robust Cloth, 4x Endrega Hide
  • Anathema - 4x Iron Ore, 12x Silver Ore, 3x Timber, 2x Yellow Meteorite Ore, 4x Nekker Teeth
  • Ultimatum - 12x Iron Ore, 2x Hardened Leather, 2x Timber, 1x Diamond Dust, 5x Nekker Teeth
Once it all sums up, you'll need 2511 orens, 20x Studded Leather, 16x Hardened Leather, 20x Robust Cloth, 5x Timber, 4x Twine, 5x Endrega Hide, 2x Endrega Venom, 9x Nekker Teeth, 8x Nekker Claws, 16x Iron Ore, 12x Silver ore, 5x Diamond Dust, 4x Amethyst Dust and 2x Yellow Meteorite Ore.

Once you craft all the pieces, the quest completes, and you've got yourself a powerful outfit to last until the second in the next chapter!






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