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The Messenger

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This quest is received during the quest Lilies and Vipers, if you choose to inspect the letter yourself.


After talking to Kimbolt(#1) about the letter with his forged signature, he'll suggest that you investigate Maravel and one of his men, who might be responsible for it. Your first connection is Kimbolt's man, Aldrich (#2), in the Temerian courtyard.

Talk to him and he'll ask you to follow him to Hieronymus Lash. He'll appear shortly after at #3, with two guards that you'll need to dispatch. Lash will be gone by then, so you'll need to chase him. Another group of soldiers (#4), Nilfgaardians this time, will try to stop you, but they should pose no threat. Continue further along to catch Lash at (#5).

The fight with Lash can prove difficult to handle. He constantly teleports around and shoots you down with meteors that have a few seconds to land. Make sure to memorize his teleport locations - there are four in total and they rotate in an order. As soon as you get near him, he teleports to another place. In order to damage him, you'll need to place Yrden trap on one of his teleport locations and then approach him until he gets entangled. Afterwards, just slash him and he's down.

Lash' corpse has a letter that incriminates Maravel, who's had a hand in Anais' fate. The quest ends with 200 experienec and you can head to Natalis to finish the quest Lilies and Vipers.

1 - Kimbolt

2 - Aldrich

3 - Temerian lackeys

4 - Nilfgaardian soldiers

5 - Hieronymus Lash






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