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A Sackful of Fluff

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Patch 1.3 brings a new quest called A Sackful of Fluff. It deals with an inhabitant in the old quarry, who collects harpy feathers.


Talk to Elthon, who can be found at the hut (#1), to start the quest. He'll pose as an employee for a certain collector in Vengerberg and gives you a job to bring him harpy feathers.

The first batch of feathers should be about dozen. Harpies can be found all over the quarry, then in the harpy's lair (only during the quest Hunting Magic) and in the woods north of Vergen. These locations are marked with #2.

Once you have twelve feathers, visit Elthon again. He'll say that the quality is pristine, give you 36 orens, and immediately requires more. You can either turn down the job (you can pick it up later if you change your mind) or continue with it. Another option is to rise your payment. You can either rise it up to double ("a whole lot more" or 1.5 times ("a lot more"), depending on your dialogue choices. You'll also have to pass a persuasion check on either of them.

Anyway, once you decide to continue, you'll have to collect 60 more feathers, but he'll require additional 8 later on, so be sure to get 68 to save yourself some travelling time. Visit the areas filled with harpies again (#2) and come back. Geralt will get suspicious and it turns out that Elthon wasn't really working for any collector, but acquired the feathers for himself. Since you're not really sure what's going on, you should come back later. You'll get 360 orens (if you persuaded for double) for the first 60 feathers and a 100 more for the remaining 8 feathers.

Once you've moved around the area a bit (i.e. done another quest, or visited Vergen), you can come back to conclude the story. It turns out that Elthon is worshipping some sort of harpy god and he dressed himself up in a feather suit. The scene is rather indescribable, and the final reward from this quest seems to be a trophy item, Elthon's Trophy, which grants +1 vitality, +1 armor, +1% damage to humans and +1 signs' damage.

1 - Elthon

2 - Harpies






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