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Lilies and Vipers

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This quest is received after finishing Crown Witness, involving Brigita, Roche's informant.


As Brigita says, baron Kimbolt changed the route for the royal children and got them captured. As there seems to be more to it, head directly to Kimbolt in the Temerian quarter (#1). After an enlightening conversation with him, you're presented with a choice: either give the letter to his scribe so that he might check it, or take it to Natalis who could charge Kimbolt for his crimes.

In order to test the letter's authenticity, visit the scribe, who's however very drunk and can't help you out (#2). Just explore his chamber and pick up the notes from the shelves. Now you'll need to solve a puzzle, regarding the formula that can be used to validate the letter. The correct steps to the formula are: "Add burnt lime to the flask", "Add water to the flask", "Add cormorant guano to the flask" and finally "Heat the flask, capture the vapors and douse them with water". As it turns out, the letter's fake and you should talk to Kimbolt. After the conversation, you'll get another job - quest The Messenger.

The other option, to turn him to Natalis (#3), ends the quest abruptly for 250 experience and you cannot do the other quest.

After investigating the letter, the quest will branch into two more side quests - The Messenger and Pacta Sunt Servanda, each culminating with a piece of information that exposes either Maravel or Kimbolt.

After gathering info on either of them, or both, which is even better. Go to Constable Natalis and tell him everything by accusing both of the barons. Maravel will be dealt with, while Kimbolt will get a chance to redeem himself in the future. This ends the quest with the biggest reward - 750 experience gained.

1 - Kimbolt

2 - Scribe's Chamber

3 - Constable John Natalis






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