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The Spellbreaker

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If during For a Higher Cause! you opt to go with Philippa to cure Saskia, you'll receive this quest. It's mutually exclusive with Where is Triss Merigold?.


You'll start with Philippa, in the Redanian dungeons (#1). Start moving towards the sewers and you'll meet Iorveth nearby (#2) who'll join you on the way. He'll be just as cautious towards Philippa, knowing what she did to Saskia. You'll learn that there's a special enchanted dagger which can be used to remove the spell. All you need to do is thrust it into Saskia's heart.

Continue your way and you'll encounter a lot of rotfiends at #3. Just remember to jump away as they explode when they die. The same fight is encountered at #4. You'll find the door at #5 which leads to Philippa's house. As Iorveth says, check out the room upstairs to find three gargoyles. Once they're dead, he'll bring Philippa upstairs as well. You'll gain 500 experience points. There's also dragon scale in one of the lockers, it can prove useful in making Zerrikanterment.

Go upstairs on the roof with them and you'll see a magically sealed chest along with candles around. The possible solutions are in her notes in one of the lockers below, but they are also provided on the diagram in the picture. Use the combinations and one of the ought to work. Shield yourself with Quen to avoid taking damage.

In the next cutscene, Philippa will trick you, and summon a golem which you'll have to defeat. Before Iorveth could cut her down, she'll morph into her owl form and fly away, while also knocking Iorveth with Aard-like spell. Anyway, the golem has shifted reality and you'll have to fight it in his realm.

Watch out for the yellow fields. They are locations where meteors will fall. Avoiding those will prevent you from taking damage from that attack. The rest of the fight is pretty straightforward: Yrden him and slash him from behind. He's extremely resistant to Igni, so this tactic applies for mages as well. Use Quen if you want to as well. Once the fight is done, loot the dagger from the chest.

After talking to Iorveth, the quest is complete and you'll get to use the dagger soon, no worries. The next quest in the story is A Summit of Mages.

1 - Philippa in the dungeons

2 - Iorveth

3 - Encounter with rotfiends

4 - Encounter with rotfiends

5 - Philippa's quarters






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