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The Endrega Contract

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Another monster species seem to stir up nothing but trouble and threaten roads in the woods. Brave adventurers are wanted to weaken the endrega brood.


This quest, just like the other contracts, is received once you read the message on the notice board (#1) in front of the inn. You will need to defeat two endrega queens in the forests around Flotsam.

Again, just like with the other contracts. you will need proper knowledge on the subject before culling the brood. You might have already found and read a book called Three Years Among the Endregas. Just in case you didn't, Einar (#2) surely has one in stock. Or you can just kill a lot of endregas and gain knowledge that way.

When you feel like ready to defeat endregas, head out towards either #3 or #5. Those are two groups of three cocoons which you have to destroy first. After destroying a group of cocoons, a big endrega queen spawns nearby (#4 for cocoons at #3, #6 for #5), and you'll need to defeat those to end the quest.

All of her attacks are extremely lethal, so make sure you avoid them through using Quen, dodging and moving away. She has her main melee attack, charge attack which leaves her disoriented for a short time and poison breath attack in an arc, which should be avoided. There are numerous tactics for killing the queen. A few of them will be listed here.

If you're relying on your sword and signs, your best bet is to use Yrden until it successfully traps the queen and then get to her from behind and hit her with strong attacks. Yrden tends to fail sometimes against powerful creatures, so don't be surprised if it gets free after a second or so.

Another way to defeat the queen is by using Igni and bombs. You'll wear her down after a while using this effective, albeit tedious tactic.

You can also stack up traps below her spawning point (#4 or #6). Use your best traps and place ten to fifteen. As she walks/spawns over them, she'll take numerous damage and that will make the fight much shorter and easier, although probably more costly for your pockets.

Anyway, once you do the job at one of the hives (either #3 and #4 or #5 and #6), head over to the other one and repeat the whole process. As always, make sure you do not get swarmed by endrega warriors as they hit pretty hard.

While you're on this quest, make sure that you loot 15x Endrega teeth. These teeth are the main component of the best steel sword in the first act, so you might as well make yourself one right after this quest. The recipe is bought from the dwarven blacksmith in the town. The final product is Jagged Blade.

Another important item is Queen Endrega's pheromones. It's needed in Act III to make the best steel sword in the game, and there aren't any queens except these two in the game. Alchemy system tends to put them into ingredient slots so make sure not to spend them that way.

After you're done with the queens, head back to Louis Merse at #7. Completing this side quest earns you 75 experience points and 150 orens. In case you've also completed The Nekker Contract, you'll receive Diagram: Witcher's Superb Silver Sword , which is the best silver sword in the first act. You should go and craft the sword (Witcher's Superb Silver Sword) as soon as you get the chance.

1 - Notice Board

2 - Einar Gausel

3 - Endrega cocoons

4 - Endrega queen

5 - Endrega cocoons

6 - Endrega queen

7 - Louis Merse






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