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The Scent of Incense

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A shadowy figure on the lower levels of the docks gives you this quest. It's about obtaining a rare formula from a local alchemist and perfume designer.


You can start this quest by talking to a man called Vencel Pugg, behind the tavern and below the main level of the docks (#1) and then he'll give you an offer to grab him a certain formula from the shopkeeper at #2. Apparently, the incense formula he seeks is harmful, and he'd like to remove it out of circulation.

Head over to #2, where you'll meet Vilmos Bartok and ask him for the formula. He'll be reluctant to give it at first, so he suggests that you take a similar formula to your employer. You can either agree to this proposition, or intimidate him into giving you the one you're supposed to get. Now head back to Vencel at #1 and give him the real (or fake) formula.

Vencel will want to check the validity of the formula, as he cautious. Just like him, Geralt is also cautious and wants the formula back. Vencel then decides to take you to his laboratory in the forest. To start the journey, he'll wait for you by the main gate at #3.

Once over there at #3, he'll want to keep his lab a secret and therefore tries to blindfold you. You can either accept this, rather foolish, proposal or just reply that there's no deal. He'll then say then he can't do business with you, where you can once again play tough and say that the deal's off. Vencel will then get upset and will mark the place on your map (#4). You'll also get 20 experience points either way.

The place he marked on your map is actually an entrance to a cave. Entering the cave, you'll find Vencel (#5) along with a bunch of his thugs. During your conversation he'll mention a certain Bleinheim (that's a Salamandra commander from the first game) as his colleague. He'll then take a moment to check the formula. If the formula you gave him is the real one (you intimidated the incense dealer), then he'll just pay you your wages and the quest is complete. If it's a fake formula you'll have to fight them all. Afterwards, the quest is complete and you'll earn 85 experience points either way.

If you agreed to be blindfolded, then you'll automatically appear inside the cave and inside a cell. If you gave him the real formula the quest will end and you'll get 85 experience points and payment. If you didn't, then you'll first have to break the wooden barricade with Aard, and then quickly grab a weapon from the nearby chest or weapon stand and fight until you defeat all opponents. Then the quest is complete with the same amount of experience as a reward. Oh and don't forget to grab all your gear from the nearby chest.

Once you decide to get out, you can either use a boat (#6) to take you to the town or you can get out manually from the cave. The cave itself contains several interesting items, while the most useful one is probably Formula: Tawny Owl from one of the crates.

1 - Vencel Pugg

2 - Incense dealer

3 - Vencel Pugg (after giving him the formula)

4 - Vencel's lab

5 - Vencel Pugg (in his lab)

6 - Boat






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