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Where is Triss Merigold?

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This quest only starts when you decide whether you'd want to save Triss or lift the spell from Saskia with Philippa during the quest For Temeria!. Triss is being held captured in the Nilfgaardian camp and tortured to reveal some information about the Lodge of Sorceresses. The quest is mutually exclusive with Of His Blood and Bone.


Saving Triss starts at #1. You'll notice Shilard talking to the guards and then you'll take him for your hostage as you explore the Nilfgaardian quarters. At #2, another emissary from Nilfgaard, Renuald aep Metsen will stop you and shoot Shilard, as everyone is dispensable for Emperor's goals. A fight ensues.

After defeating them, look for another way in - over the "rooftops". Climb on the ladders nearby and walk the walls until you reach the second area where you can drop down to. The area with the pond (#3) will feature more fighting.

Climb up and talk to Renuald (#4) again. He'll mention how Triss conspired against the kings and that she wasn't as loyal. During the talk, more Nilfgaardians will enter the area. After a lengthy fight, loot Renuald's body for the keys to the dungeon and the other locked doors that lead out of the camp. He also drops Armor of Vicovaro, and an interesting letter addressed to Renuald from the Emperor. Triss is located in the dungeon at #5.

Triss will have interesting things to say. She was a member of the Lodge, but actually had no real influence in there. Even though the Lodge of Sorceresses killed Demavend, Aedirn ruler, the whole plan was plotted by Philippa Eilhart and Sile de Tansarville, as they are the main figures in there. She'll also tell you of Sile's connection with Letho and several other plot puzzles. After a lengthy conversation with Triss, lead her safely out of the camp. Note that all the doors are unlocked now, as you have the key from Renuald.

In the end, once you take Triss through the door at #1, she'll will say that you should arrive at the same time as not to rise any suspicions. You'll receive 2500 experience points and you'll also get a new quest called A Summit of Mages.

Note that, if you choose the other option, you'll still get to see Triss in the epilogue. Letho saved her from the Nilfgaardians and she'll be with him until the final confrontation.

1 - Shilard Fitz-Oesterlen

2 - Shilard's death, Renuald aep Metsen

3 - A fight with Nilfgaardians

4 - Final fight with Nilfgaardian forces

5 - Triss






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