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Epilogue - Roche

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After dealing with the dragon, you'll be back to Loc Muinne. Depending on your previous choices in For Temeria! you'll meet either Triss or Roche when to attempt to climb back into the ruins (#1).


With either Triss or Roche, you'll discuss what you did to the dragon and you'll also touch the topic of Philippa Eilhart who controls the dragon. You'll also be interested in Letho. A messenger of his sent word that he's awaiting you in Temerian quarters.

On the way to there (#3) you'll meet a gang of soldiers at #2. They'll be trying to collect a bounty on your head. The realm from where they come from depends on your previous actions in the game. If you let Henselt be killed, they'll be kaedwenis. If you gave Anais to Natalis, they'll be Radovid's. If you chose Triss earlier, Roche will be lying wounded nearby, next to kaedwenis who captured him why he was trying to get Anais alone.

In the end, your final confrontation with Letho is about to commence. Go to #3, and talk to him. Before starting, Triss will run to you, who was saved by Letho from the Nilfgaardians in the meantime (if you saved Anais from Kaedweni quarters instead). You'll get answers for all your questions. In the end you won't even need to fight him, once you realize his motives and your mutual connection. Fighting him is very much like in the first act, except that you're now much more powerful and there's considerably more space.

In the last cutscene, if you saved Triss, you'll be leaving the scene with her. If you went with Roche for Anais, you'll exit Loc Muinne with both Triss and Roche. Congratulations on beating the game!

1 - Return to the ruins

2 - Hostile soldiers

3 - Letho






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