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Hung Over

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Once you've talked to Cedric about the kayran, this quest becomes available at the house (#1) next to the tavern.


Inside the house where the Blue Stripes are staying (#1), you'll find the boys having fun drinking, playing the lute and admiring women. To initiate the quest, talk to either Ves, Thirteen or Fenn, who can be found at one of the tables. After learning that they've desecrated one of Veyopatis' shrines, Ves will comment that they behaved like swine.

Anyway, the party is about to start and the first game to be played is knife-throwing. There are three targets that will be randomly called out by the boys which you'll have to hit : oar, ham or the map. Aim with your mouse and press R once you've acquired your target. After beating her in the game, you'll receive a new skill called Thrower, which increases damage dealt when throwing knives by 5.

After knife throwing, some peasants will interrupt the party, whining about the Veyopatis' shrine that was desecrated. They'll also call Roche a whoreson (an insult he cannot take because he was an orphan himself), and then Roche will lose temper. You can either try to calm him down and tell him the townsfolk isn't worth it, or stay out of the argument. If you stand aside, the quest will end and finish as failed. If you try to calm Roche, you can try to persuade him, but if that fails you can fistfight him. Remember that it's just simple QTE.

You'll then have a round of drinks, after which you'll be arm wrestling the boys. The first one to arm wrestle is Thirteen, shortly followed by Fenn. As a reward you'll receive a steel sword Sword of Creyden.

After some heavy drinking with the Blues Stripes, you'll eventually pass out and wake up at #2, stripped of all your gear. A nearby peasant will offer to tell you what happened for a few orens. You can then give him the money, or intimidate him into telling you. He doesn't know a lot though, and just sends you over to Margot. She's over at #3, in the lower level of the tavern.

Talking to Margot reveals what happened in the mean time, after giving her 30 orens. You'll learn that you came here crawling for girls along with four other Blue Stripes commandos. Ves tried to stop you, but failed because she was no match for you. You might also notice the funny tattoo on your neck. Don't worry, if you want it removed, it can be done later.

Now you can head back to #1 and talk to Ves. After she tells you what really happened, Geralt will also notice the tattoo and ask for his things. Ves patiently gathered them and put them in the trunk in the next room. This also marks the end of the quest and grants 50 experience points.

If you want the tattoo removed, talk to Triss about it. Triss is most likely in the tavern (#3). She'll laugh at first, but will eventually tell you that you need green mold, wolf's aloe and white myrtle petals. All of these ingredients can be bought from Anezka at #4. After you acquire them, come back to Triss and she'll remove it.

1 - Blue Striples Lodge

2 - Coast where you wake up

3 - Tavern, Margot, Triss

4 - Anezka






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