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Bring It On: Flotsam

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Beside poker dice and fistfights, Flotsam also has a number of enthusiastic arm wrestlers. Defeating them all entitles you as a new champion of arm wrestling around.


This quest is initiated by either arm wrestling Zoltan or Skinny Sten, who are both located in the inn (#1). Zoltan doesn't arm wrestle you for money, so you can practice with him if you want to. The point of the mini-game is to keep the cursor (the circle) over the orange bar, using the mouse, by moving left or right. You win the game once the bar reaches to the far right. Over the course of battle, you'll notice that the orange bar shrinks, and that will require more precise cursor placement.

Anyway, once you're ready, Talk to Skinny Sten, and bet with 15 orens. Winning grants you double more, 30 orens, while not taking away your bet (your total profit is 30 orens, instead of 15). You also receive 10 experience points. Next opponent, also located in the tavern, is Wiry Wilks. You can bet up to 25 orens against him, and win 50 orens along with 10 experience points. Right after defeating Wiry Wilks, he'll send you over to Big Max. He's also located in the tavern and winning grants you upwards of 60 orens and 10 experience points. Big Max will then send you to the local champion, Bartholomew Bargee (#2).

Bartholomew Bargee is significantly harder than the previous contestants. The cursor like to shake pretty hard, making it hard to keep over the orange bar. You can bet up to 100 orens with him, and earn a profit of 200 orens. You'll also get 20 experience points for your efforts, and the quest is complete. You can challenge Bartholomew to arm wrestling any time you wish every time you visit the area (when he has moved away from the wrestling table).

Once you defeat him he'll mention that he once wrestled Adam Pangratt and lost miserably. Zoltan mentioned his friends Sheldon and Yarpen. You'll meet these arm wrestlers in Act II.

1 - Tavern

2 - Bartholomew Bargee






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