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Vergen Side of the Valley

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Vergen Side of the Valley - Overview

This map deals with the various locations outside the city of Vergen (which has its own map). Any quests mentioned will be described in greater detail on their respective page.

1 - Gates of Vergen

The city of Vergen is a vast fortress carved from the mountains of Pontar Valley. The place has a lot of points of interest which are all located on a separate map.

2 - Elven woman

Outside the gates, behind the corner to the left, you'll find the elven woman Mottle that you saved in the first chapter (if you saved the elves in the tower, instead of chasing Loredo). She'll want to show you her gratitude and will lead you to her house. There you can spend an evening with her or refuse to do so. She also sells alchemy supplies.

3 - Burned village

This torched village is guarded by Scoia'tael from anyone who wishes to enter Vergen. It is also the home of succubus in the quest With Flickering Heart.

4 - Vergen tunnels

You won't be able to access these tunnels until much later in the game during the quest Vergen Besieged.

5 - Troll

Once you reach this area, you'll find a troll who has apparently seen Triss and even fell in love with her, causing his female troll companion to leave him. You'll find her during the quest Where is Triss Merigold?.

6 - Quarry

This whole area called The Old Quarry is a home to many harpies. You'll need to destroy their nests during the quest The Harpy Contract. There are four in total in the quarry.

Besides a lot of harpies, there's a new quest starter added here in the hut called Elthon. He gives the quest A Sackful of Fluff which can be done in conjunction with harpy contract due to it requiring a lot of harpy feathers.

7 - Harpy's Lair

You'll have access to Harpy's lair much later, during the quest Hunting Magic. Inside you'll also the remaining three nests for The Harpy Contract. Harpy queen is also found inside for The Queen Harpy Contract.

8 - Baltimore's chest

During the quest Baltimore's Nightmare, you'll gain the key to open this chest. Otherwise it cannot be opened by any means.

9 - She-troll

You'll find she-troll fighting over here with Kaedweni mercenaries. You can then convince her to go back to her husband troll as he's falling apart from depression. Other than that, you can also convince Adam Pangratt, the leader of the mercenary group, to fight for Saskia, as returning to Henselt (crossing the mist) is a certain death.

10 - Shipwreck

Continued from first act, your search for another shipwreck leads you here. Looting the chest nearby, you'll start the quest Mystic River and complete it at the same time.

11 - Scoia'tael bandits

This group of Scoia'tael will try to collect the bounty on your head. Apparently, Iorveth won't even hear about their shady business to take you alive. You can loot them afterwards for arrest warrant.

It is also hides an entrance to a cave in which you can find ostmurk, a rare species of moss for the potion which aids you in fighting the kayran (The Kayran: Ostmurk).

12 - Magic crystal

This magic crystal will be required in the quest Hunting Magic. It is heavily guarded by harpies.

13 - Dwarven catacombs

Visiting these catacombs is the area where the standard is located in the quest Death Symbolized. It is also the location of a metal fragment during the quest With Flickering Heart, if you wish to side with succubus.

14 - Baltimore's workshop

You may come across this dwarven building in your journeys, but it will be closed until you reach it during the quest Baltimore's Nightmare.

M - Mist entrance

You shouldn't really enter the mist before doing quests. It is populated by a swarm of wraiths which deal over 300 damage and have a lot of health.

E - Circle of Endurance

Black club on a yellow shield - Grants +4 armor.

V - Circle of Vigor

Double-colored hexagon - Grants +2 vitality regeneration out of combat / + 1 vitality regeneration in combat and 300 duration.

S - Circle of Strength

Sword in a red frame - Grants + 20% melee damage

P - Circle of Power

Reversed blue triangle reminiscent of sign icons - Grants 0.2 sign intensity and 300 duration.






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