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Faith Symbolized

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This quest is received from Zyvik when talking to him about his involvement in the Battle of Brenna. Once asked about magical artifacts, he'll say that Henselt has come across a special medallion which he took from a priest during the events.


To reveal more information about it, talk to Dethmold #2. He'll tell you that King won't really part with it until you cut off the curse from him and you shouldn't even try persuading him to give it to you.

Do as you're told and finish the quest called The Blood Curse. It's a lengthy quest which involves a lot of travelling around, so you might as well check that page. Most of the main quests are interlaced so you'll do it eventually. Once that quest is done over at Sabrina's death site (#3), the King will say that he can give you the amulet, but he needs a drink first and invites you to his tent (#4) to celebrate.

Head over to Henselt's tent at #4 after sundown (23:00). Talk to Henselt and he'll introduce you to a Redanian messenger who bears news that Radovid has pretensions on the Temerian throne due to being married to Adda, Foltest's daughter. In the next few scenes, a mysterious assassin will slit the messenger's throat and attempt to kill the king. Geralt, knowing what the kingslayers have done to him, releases a powerful charge of Aard, blowing the assailant out of the tent. Outside, he prepares for a fight versus the assassin duo.

They aren't particularly hard, keep your Quen up and trap them with Yrden. Beware though that they do not get you inside their combo. On harder difficulties it can take away more than half of your health. After you damage them enough, another custcene follows. Geralt kills one of the assassins, Auckes, but the other one, named Serrit escapes when Sile joins in the fight shooting lightning bolts.

Seems like no medallion for the quest Faith Symbolized. King will only part with it once you defeat the other assassin too. Dethmold will resort to necromancy to get some information out of the assassin's corpse. Sile will object, saying that necromancy is forbidden. That won't count much, as you're far away from the court and other sorceresses. Therefore, meet Dethmold at the medical tent over at #5. You'll also start/continue (from the first act) the quest The Assassins of Kings. Further details of the main story are described on that page.

After dealing with the assassins, head back to Dethmold (#2) who'll hand you over the artifact. You're now prepared to do the quest The Eternal Battle. You'll receive 1500 experience points.

1 - Elven prisoner

2 - Dethmold (in his residence)

3 - Sabrina's pyre

4 - Henselt

5 - Dethmold (in the medical tent)






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