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Fight Club

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If we're to believe "King" Ziggy, the city of Bondar is famous for its brothels while Flotsam in the Pontar valley is notorious for its top notch fist fighting scene. Either way, a prize awaits those who reach the top and become the champions.


King Ziggy said that you should meet him by the tavern (#1) in the evenings. Meditate until 21:00 and then talk to him. He'll take you to gate to Loredo's mansion (#2). Before entering though, you'll be relieved of your weapons, but don't worry, you won't really need them inside there. They'll be waiting in the chest next to the guards who took them (#2).

Once you reach #3, you'll also meet Loredo there (who clearly shows how hypocrite he is, saying that he condones the fights, but organizes them to earn some profit). Anyway after a conversation between Loredo and Ziggy, you'll get to fight your first opponent: Twigs. Next opponent is Double-Punch Matho. After defeating these two, you'll come across Smugface "Tassledick".

Those of you who have played the first game will remember the next opponent. It's Zdenek, the strongest fistfighter from the first game. Now, he's a local champion in fist fighting. Before fighting him though, Loredo will make you an offer. Everyone has betted on you, except him. That way, if Zdenek wins, Loredo will win a whole lot and he's willing to share the riches with you. So basically, he's asking you to lose the fight intentionally. You can either accept this or refuse.

If you accept the offer, you won't get anything. Loredo will just brush you off and throw you out of his estate. Therefore it is recommended that you deny it, and win the fight. You'll then get a good chunk of money (200 orens) from Ziggy and the quest is complete along with 100 experience points. Don't forget to loot your weapons on the way out (#2).

Remember that Loredo threatened that you would regret denying his offer? Check the bandits at #4. Kill them anyway you like and all ties to this quest have been wrapped up.

1 - Tavern, King Ziggy (after 21:00)

2 - Entrance to Loredo's residence, weapon chest

3 - Fighting pit, Loredo

4 - Loredo's thugs






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