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Kaedweni Camp

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Kaedweni Camp - Overview

Kaedweni camp is a pretty large war camp with a lot of points of interest. This section covers them all up and any quests related to them are further explained on their pages.

1 - King Henselt

This tent here is the residence of King Henselt, the ruler of Kaedwen. He's set out on a war campaign against Upper Aedirn and Vergen stands on his way. During Act II, he's in the focus of most of the main quests, including The Assassins of Kings, The Blood Curse, Faith Symbolized among others.

2 - Count Tybalt

Count Tybalt is a knight of the Flaming Rose. Once you meet him, he'll immediately accuse you as a killer of Siegfried and Jacques De Aldesberg (Grandmaster from the first game) and charge to attack you. There's nothing else to do with him other than beat him and thankfully, no one else interferes during the fight.

3 - Dethmold

Every king is supposed to have a sorcerer/sorceress advisor and King Henselt is no exception. Dethmold is his royal advisor and as such, plays a prominent role in this act as well. Quests that include him are The Assassins of Kings and Conspiracy Theory among others.

4 - Sile de Tansarville

You can discuss various topics with Sile, including the Wild Hunt, Triss, her rival Dethmold and her reason for staying in the Pontar Valley. Her involvement in the main quests is somewhat reduced in this act though she lends you a talisman which can get you safely across the mist in The Blood Curse.

5 - Adam Pangratt

This veteran mercenary is the arm wrestling champion around here. You'll be able to fight him after defeating all the other contestants during the quest Bring it On: Kaedweni Camp. He'll also be able to provide you with lore on the battle of Brenna along with some details from a mercenary's life.

6 - Upper camp gates

This gates will be closed until you're about to finish the quest called Prelude to War: Kaedwen. Once you finish touring the camp with Zyvik, gates will get opened to let you see the king.

7 - Elven prisoner & guards

When attempting to speak with the prisoner guards will stop you and tell you that they don't trust you enough. The guard can also tell you where they found the elf and under what conditions. The prisoner plays a role in the quest The Assassins of Kings later on in the chapter.

8 - Drunk soldier

This is one of the drunken soldiers that scream the infamous "Odriiin!" throughout the camp until you actually find him. He, along with his friends also marked with #8 and Odrin, is associated with the quest In Cervisia Veritas.

9 - Letande Avet

Letande is the main figure during the quest The Butcher of Cidaris. Other than during that quest, you won't be able to talk to him at all.

10 - Campfire

Around this campfire, you'll find Randal and Martin who are both arm wrestlers connected with the quest Bring it On: Kaedweni Camp. You'll also find dwarf around called Isidor Kay, who is a merchant and a crafter. He deals in traps and similar stuff.

11 - Master Myron

This merchant deals in alchemical supplies and various formulae. Later on in the act, Dethmold will hold a necromantic ritual in this tent, which is connected to the quest The Assassins of Kings.

12 - Sven

Sven is the foolishly brave son during the quest The Butcher of Cidaris. You'll be able to fight alongside him in a match versus Letande Avet and his mercenary helper.

13 - Cantina

Cantina, as always, is everyone's favorite place. There are several quest starting in here, most notably The Butcher of Cidaris from Manfred, then there's the notice board in front which starts The Rotfiend Contract. Right outside you'll find two dice poker players called Fragile and Gondor who start the dice poker chain quest Poker Face: Kaedweni Camp. Last but not the least, relic vendor resides here and he'll be able to tell you something about Sabrina's curse and will be featured in The Blood Curse quest.

14 - Magnus

Magnus is one of the grumpy blacksmiths in the camp, but he won't take any commissions. He's only involved as an arm wrestler during the quest Bring it On: Kaedweni Camp.

15 - Blacksmith Lasota & Zyvik

This blacksmith has a few interesting diagrams to sale, most notably either variety of robust meteorite swords (Diagram: Robust Yellow Meteorite Sword, Diagram: Robust Blue Meteorite Sword and Diagram: Robust Red Meteorite Sword). Choose whichever one suits your style. They are the best silver swords until very late in the act, making that sword over there not worth chasing first. Materials are rather common and you can buy silver sword from Lasota. The end producs are Robust Blue Meteorite Sword, Robust Yellow Meteorite Sword and Robust Red Meteorite Sword. You might also notice a diagram for draug's armor, but don't let it fool you: you can't craft it until Act III and there are much better armors available there from the start. Lasota is also the best dice player around, as demonstrated in the quest Poker Face: Kaedweni Camp. Zyvik will also stay here once you meet him in front of the gates and he gives the side quest Lost Lambs.

16 - Tournament arena

Proximo is the one you should talk to about arenas. You won't be able to do a lot in here though until you complete the quest called The Butcher of Cidaris, which will trigger availability of the quest Ave Henselt, which features Geralt taking part in arena fights.

17 - Mavrick

As you approach this point, you'll notice two guards taking it out on an elder guard by the name of Mavrick. This triggers the side quest Little Sisters. You can talk to him then and he'll fill you on the details.

18 - Gavrilo

You'll recognize this soldier as an ex-Salamandra thug. He's got wiser over time and enlisted in the army. As a keepsake he offers you a trinket (a throwing knife actually), which you can take or refuse.

19 - Secondary gate

You can use this gate to exit towards the beach, the caves and you'll also stumble upon Odrin for In Cervisia Veritas.

20 - Odrin & the cave entrance

You'll find Odrin over here once you search for him for the quest In Cervisia Veritas. There's also a cave entrance behind him. Inside the cave you'll find a lot of goodies including one of the best armors in this act, Armor of Ban Ard. It is found in a side way after jumping over the ravine. You'll fight a golem there and the armor will be laying a chest nearby. The cave is heavily infested with rotfiends.

21 - Blue Stripes camp

Ves, Roche and the company will staying here during the larger part of this act. You'll also be able to get a side quest called Against the Blue Stripes which puts you in a small tournament fistfights versus Roche's commandos and then against Roche himself. Ves is the final opponent in the side quest Ave Henselt. Roche's connected to a main quest called Conspiracy Theory, among others. During the side quest Against the Blue Stripes, you'll acquire an additional quest called A Score to Settle which won't come into play until Act III.

22 - Brothel camp

In this camp, you'll meet Raymond Gessler, dwarven food merchant and Sambor, a bookseller and barber. If there's any book about monsters that you didn't read, check him as he's bound to have a copy. You'll also meet Madame Carole, a sharper in dice poker, and is therefore associated with Poker Face: Kaedweni Camp. One of the prostitutes, Liva, is tied to the side quest Little Sisters. You'll also find Dandelion spending most of his time here (who would've thought?). The storage chest can be accessed from Raymond Gessler, a dwarf near Sambor.

23 - Mysterious merchant

The mysterious merchant as always, provides excellent weapons and armor. One of the best steel swords in this act can be bought from him (Poisoned Zerrikanian Saberra). Extraordinary silver swords are also available - Robust Yellow Meteorite Sword for sword masters and Robust Blue Meteorite Sword for mages).






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