Neverwinter Merchant Quarter (Act I)

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1 - Starting Point

2 - Tremmel

If you have Neeshka in your party, then at this spot you'll encounter Tremmel, another one of Leldon's bounty hunters. He should have about as much luck as Bennon did in the Docks District, and he'll drop Studded Leather Armor +1 and a Longsword +2 when he dies.

After the fight, Neeshka will suggest that you take the battle to Leldon and steal his lucky coin. Neeshka won't know where Leldon is hiding, but she'll guess that Ophala at the Moonstone Mask (#6) might know. For more information on Neeshka's subquests, see her character page.

3 - Axle Devrie's Office

You'll only be able to enter Axle's office if you joined Moire's gang in the Docks District. Axle is Moire's boss, and he'll give you several quests. See the "Act I: Bandit Quests" section of the walkthrough for more information.

4 - Deekin

Deekin is an author, an adventurer, and a kobold. You might remember him from his exploits in the original Neverwinter Nights campaigns. However, at this point, although he'll hint that he might be willing to don his adventurer garb once again, he'll only act as a shopkeeper. Deekin will offer you a variety of interesting equipment, including Finch's Fine Chapeau and special armor pieces for all of the prestige classes.

5 - City Watch Headquarters

The headquarters building will be locked when you first come to it, but later, if you join the City Watch, you'll be able to meet with Captain Brelaina and Marshal Cormick here, and they'll give you several quests. See the "Act I: City Watch Quests" section of the walkthrough for more information.

6 - Moonstone Mask

You won't be able to do much at the Moonstone Mask. Ophala won't know anything about what happened in the Blacklake District, Evlyn will always be rude to you, and Teelah, if she does anything at all, will only insult Elanee. You won't be able to go upstairs until later in the game.

7 - Temple of Tyr

If you have Khelgar with you, then this is where you can begin his quest to become a monk. Hlam will guide you through the process, which is detailed in Khelgar's character page.

You can also talk to Judge Oleff here. He'll tell you that one of his priests has gone missing, and he'll ask you to go to the Tomb of the Betrayers (Exit C) to find him. Oleff will also act as a shopkeeper and give you free healing.

After rescuing the priest, when you return to Oleff, he'll reward you with 300 xp and 500 gp. If you can convince him that you should receive a better reward, then he'll give you 1000 gp instead of 500 gp. If you decline the reward altogether, then Oleff will give you a 25% discount on items purchased from the temple, and Neeshka will exclaim, "Would you stop saying things like that!"

8 - Pap

Pap will mostly sell crafting materials, but he'll also carry a few special items like the Monk's Belt and the Commander's Ring.

9 - Encounter with Wolf

Wolf is a teenager who runs a gang of street urchins. You'll encounter one of his urchins here -- and she'll be caught trying to steal a coin purse. It doesn't matter how you respond to the situation. You'll only see Wolf if the girl ends up being sent to the City Watch.

After you've had two encounters with Wolf (the other encounter is in the Docks District), then the next time you exit the Sunken Flagon, you'll meet up with him again. No matter how you've treated Wolf and his street urchins in your first two encounters with them, Wolf will invite himself and his merry band to stay with you in the Sunken Flagon, and they'll begin working for you as messengers.

  1. Gate to the Blacklake District. You won't be able to go through this gate until Act II.
  2. Entrance to Leldon's Hideout. You won't be able to enter the hideout until learning of its location from Ophala in the Moonstone Mask (#5), which requires that you have Neeshka in your party.
  3. Entrance to the Tomb of the Betrayers. You'll need to accept a quest from Judge Oleff (#7) before you'll be able to get inside.
  4. Entrance to Fihelis' Estate. You won't be able to enter the estate until you've received a quest to go there.
  5. Entrance to the Smuggler's Warehouse. You won't be able to enter the warehouse until you've received a quest to go there.
  6. Entrance to the Githyanki Hideout. You won't be able to enter the hideout until you've received a quest to go there.
  7. World exit.