The Graveyard

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Area Note

Inside the main crypt, we've indicated where the doorways are, so that you'll have an easier time navigating the area.

Also, because you'll be fighting the undead in this area, you'll probably get diseased a lot. Given the friendly nature of death in the game, the easiest way to cure disease is to allow the diseased character to die. Then resting will bring the character to full strength.


1 - Starting Point

2 - Graves

Nothing bad will happen if you loot these graves. You won't even become more chaotic. Inside a couple of them you'll find the recipe book Fundamentals of Abjurative Enchantment and Lesser Boots of Tumbling.

3 - Small Crypt

Inside this crypt, you'll find some skeletons and zombies to kill and some sarcophagi to loot. Like with the graves outside (#2), nothing bad will happen if you loot the sarcophagi. Inside one sarcophagus you'll be able to pick up the light hammer Storm +1.

4 - Sarcophagus

The contents of most of the sarcophagi will be random, but inside this one you'll always find a Falchion +1 and a Ring of Insight.

5 - Locked Doors

To open these doors, you'll need to pull the lever next to Commander Tann (#6).

6 - Commander Tann

You'll find Commander Tann here with a shadow priest. The shadow priest will actually be happy to see you -- "Fresh materials to work with. Excellent." -- but his enthusiasm will no doubt change very quickly. When the shadow priest dies, he'll drop a Headband of Intellect +2 and a Heavy Shield +1.

When you talk to Commander Tann, he'll mention that the shadow priest had been planning to attack Fort Locke with his minions, but that he clearly didn't have enough troops to get the job done. Tann will also mention that the priest seemed to be working with somebody named Black Garius. That's a name you'll hear quite a bit during the remainder of the game.

Commander Tann will also tell you that he entered the crypt with three of his soldiers, and while he'd like you to look for them, he'd also like to get back to Fort Locke as quickly as possible. It doesn't really matter what you decide here. You'll get the same reward -- 75 xp -- for rescuing the missing soldiers (#7) whether Tann is with you or not.

Note: Be careful when you return to Fort Locke with Commander Tann. Lieutenant Vallis won't exactly be happy to see you.

Also in this same area, you'll find a lever and a locked chest. If you pull the lever, you'll open the locked doors in the crypt (#5). The chest probably won't have anything exciting inside of it.

7 - Commander Tann's Men

Two of the men (#7) will be alive, and one of them (#7a) will be dead. Just click on the men to find / rescue them. If Commander Tann isn't in your party, then clicking on the dead soldier will start up a conversation between Khelgar and Neeshka, and you'll be able to gain influence with one of them but lose influence with the other.

  1. Entrance to the main crypt.
  2. Back entrance to the main crypt. You won't be able to use this entrance into the crypt until you've used it as an exit from the crypt.
  3. World exit.