West Harbor (Post-Battle)

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1 - Daeghun

When you return to West Harbor, you'll automatically start up a conversation with Daeghun. He'll tell you that he found two shards during the first battle at West Harbor, when the forces of Neverwinter clashed with the King of Shadows. Daeghun hid one of the shards in the Swamp Ruins, and he gave the other to his half-brother Duncan. Daeghun will then tell you go to Neverwinter, retrieve the second shard from your uncle, and have the pair of shards analyzed by a mage.

After saying goodbye to the people of the village (and picking up as much loot from them as possible), you should return to Daeghun and talk to him again. He'll reveal that he attempted some misdirection. He told everybody that you'd be traveling to Neverwinter by the High Road, and he'll suggest that you should instead travel to the town of Highcliff, and from there take a boat to Neverwinter.

But note: You only need to talk to Daeghun when you first return to the village. All of the other conversations (including the second one with Daeghun) are optional. You can leave for the Weeping Willow Inn at any time.

2 - Bevil

Bevil won't continue on with you when you leave for Neverwinter. If you ask him for supplies, he'll give you a Healer's Kit +1, and he'll drop a bag containing all of the items he was carrying. If you make a diplomacy check, you can also get him to give you 100 gp.

3 - Tarmas

Tarmas will once again act as a shopkeeper. If you make a diplomacy check, you can convince him to give you a Potion of Barkskin.

Unverified: If you have the wizard's apprentice background, then Tarmas will give you Bracers of Armor +2 and a Ring of Fortitude +2 when you talk to him.

"Help with the journey, you say? Advice -- advice is what I can give. Use that skull of yours for more than a shield. Amie obviously failed to learn this lesson... the fool girl."

4 - Orlen

If you have the farmer background, then Orlen will give you an Archer's Belt. Otherwise, he'll give you a Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds.

5 - Retta Starling

If you ask Retta about her son Lorne, she'll tell you that he disappeared during the war with Luskan, and that she doesn't know what happened to him. If you offer to look for him, then you'll receive the subquest "A Soldier's Story," which you won't be able to complete until Act II. When you do complete the quest, you'll be rewarded with 500 xp.

6 - Brother Merring

Brother Merring will talk to you about a variety of topics, including your father and the god Lathander. He'll also heal you and bless you, just like he did during the battle earlier. Depending on your character build, he might also give you a Ring of Crimson.

7 - Georg Redfell

Georg will tell you about the road to Neverwinter. It won't matter if you reveal to him why you're going there. If you ask Georg for supplies, he might give you a Light Shield +1.

  1. World exit.