Githyanki Hideout

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Area Note

The Githyanki Hideout is located in the Merchant Quarter.


This area will start out in a fairly mundane manner. You'll encounter groups of githyanki and bladelings, but they won't drop anything interesting, and each group will be about the same. Then you'll arrive in the back room of the hideout, and there you'll discover a portal (#2), which will explain how the githyanki were able to enter the city undetected.

As soon as you enter the back room, a blade golem will come through the portal and start attacking the githyanki. The blade golem is tough, so don't worry about the githyanki (they'll die pretty quickly); just attack the blade golem. Once you've done enough damage to it, it will leave through the portal, and the portal will disappear.

"Just to make sure my eyes aren't lying to me -- a huge suit of armor did smash through here, attack the githyanki -- and us -- then we drove it through that portal? Because if my drinking is catching up to me, I'm stopping right now."

If you've been working for Axle and Moire, then when you return to Axle in his office in the Merchant Quarter, he'll reward you with 300 xp, and he'll finally allow you to enter the Blacklake District (by visiting Karina next to the Blacklake District exit in the Merchant Quarter). Axle will also reveal that he's a member of the Shadow Thieves, and he'll invite you to join the secret organization as well, although you won't actually be able to do so until later.

If you're with the City Watch, then when you return to Captain Brelaina in the City Watch Headquarters building in the Merchant Quarter, she'll reward you with 300 xp, and she'll finally allow you to enter the Blacklake District (by talking to one of the city watchmen next to the Blacklake District exit in the Merchant Quarter).

Regardless of your organization, you'll be escorted to Aldanon's house in the Blacklake District. If you're with the City Watch, then he'll let you right in. If you're with Axle and Moire, then Aldanon might insist that you deliver some quicksilver to him. For that, you'll need to return to the Merchant Quarter and buy the quicksilver from Pap.

Inside Aldanon's house, you'll only be allowed to have a brief conversation with the master sage. He'll tell you that the silver shards are from a githyanki silver sword, and he'll give you his own silver shard to add to your collection. Aldanon will then suggest that you visit Ammon Jerro's Haven for more information about where other shards might be found, and he'll tell you that you might learn the location of the Haven by visiting the Neverwinter Archives in the Blacklake District.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Back Room

  1. Exit to the Neverwinter Merchant Quarter.