West Harbor (Act III)

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Area Note

To reach West Harbor in Act III, you'll need to go through the Song Portal in Arvahn. The Song Portal will take you to the Guardian Ruins (where you might remember a shadow reaver destroying the fifth statue of purification), and exiting the Guardian Ruins will take you to West Harbor.

You'll be required to have Zhjaeve in your party when you leave for Arvahn.

You won't be allowed to rest in West Harbor, but you will be able to rest in the Guardian Ruins, so feel free to head back there if you get into trouble or need to memorize spells.


Your goal in West Harbor is to reach the scar in the ground (#6). You'll probably take some constitution damage when you enter the town, and you won't be able to heal it until near the scar. You'll also have to deal with some shadows along the way, but none of the battles should cause you any problems.

When you reach the scar, a cutscene will start up, and Zhjaeve will guide you through the process of reforming the sword. You'll lose all of your shards, but you'll gain the Silver Sword of Gith, a powerful universal sword. Then a shadow reaver will show up and attack you.

Note: Weapon feats (like weapon focus and weapon specialization) do not apply to universal swords, so it's possible that the Silver Sword of Gith won't be an upgrade for you.

Another note: The exact stats for the sword will change depending on the type of character you're playing.

The shadow reaver will have two blade golems, three huge fire elementals, and four greater shadows with it. Probably the best strategy for the fight is to knock out the minions first while you move Zhjaeve a short distance away. Then once Zhjaeve is safe, have her use her True Name Scroll on the shadow reaver while you attack it. Eventually the shadow reaver will die, and on its corpse you'll find a Black Robe of the Archmagi.

After the battle, Zhjaeve will recommend that you leave West Harbor as quickly as possible. That's a good idea, because when you return to Crossroad Keep, you'll learn that the King of Shadows has already started marching, and you'll be dispatched to help Callum fight another shadow reaver at the Crossroad Keep Roadside.

"So ends West Harbor. I spent so long watching this place that... it's like my childhood is gone along with it."

1 - Starting Point

2 - Webb and Ward Mossfeld

At this spot you'll meet the spirits of Webb and Ward Mossfeld. They'll give you a song and dance about being dead and wanting to help you, but then they'll lure you to an ambush at the bridge (#3).

3 - Sunken Bridge

There are two ways to cross the river here (#3). You can just wade through the water, which will cause some constitution damage, or you can build a new bridge. To build the bridge, you'll need to click on the four logs located on your side of the river (#3a). If one of your crafting skills is high enough (14 points is enough), then after clicking on all four logs, you'll get an option to build a bridge, and you'll earn 50 xp.

Note: To learn how you can temporarily bump up your crafting skills, see the Construct's character page.

4 - Danan Starling, First Visit

"You aren't like the others. You aren't hollow." With those words, a child claiming to be Danan Starling will approach you. He'll tell you that the hollow men are trying to get him, and that he's looking for his mother. However, shortly into the conversation, shadows will attack you, and Danan will disappear.

5 - Danan Starling, Second Visit

When you approach Danan (#5) the second time, he'll rush off to be with his mother, Retta (#5a), and she'll try to convince him to follow her. When you talk to Retta, she'll reveal herself to be a shadow, and she'll attack you. If you didn't show any compassion for Danan (for example, by announcing your intention to kill him and Retta), then he'll turn into a shadow and attack you as well. Otherwise, he'll run a short distance away.

After the battle, if Danan is still alive, then when you talk to him, you'll discover that he's been holding something called Meade's Root, and that the root has been protecting him from the taint of the King of Shadows. Zhjaeve will then help Danan pass on (since he was a spirit the entire time), and your party will use the root, removing any constitution damage that you might have sustained. For helping Danan, you'll also receive 250 xp.

6 - Scar

This is the spot where the original silver sword was shattered.

  1. Exit to the Guardian Ruins. If you enter the ruins, you'll be able to use the Song Portal there to return to Arvahn.