Neverwinter Archives

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When you arrive at the archives, you'll discover that it is under attack by the githyanki. Apparently, they're interested in Ammon Jerro's Haven as well. Not far into the archives, you'll run into a caretaker (#2). If you ask him for information about Ammon Jerro, then he'll tell you that you'll need to enter the vault (#8), but that to get inside you'll need to answer four questions on four pedestals (#4-7).

To see the questions on the pedestals, you'll need to be wearing a Caretaker's Veil. You can find a Caretaker's Veil on a dead caretaker inside the archives (#3). You can also kill the first caretaker and take his veil. The Caretaker's Veil will also allow you to open some secret doors in the archives (#9), and loot some treasure chests inside.

The questions on the pedestals are random. The tome on each pedestal will ask you about a different book that you can find in the archives. If you get a question wrong, then you can try again, as many times as you'd like, so even if you have no idea about the books, you should still eventually be able to answer the questions. But note: you might need to pick up a book first before any answers about it will show up in the tome dialogue. If you have a high enough lore skill, then you might be able to figure out the correct answer that way. Your companions might know some answers as well.

Note: It's possible to receive a Periapt of Wisdom +2 after answering the questions. We think this only happens if you get all of the answers right on the first try.

Answering the questions on the four pedestals will open the doors to the vault (#8). But when you get inside, you'll find some githyanki there already (apparently, they're better at riddles than you are). The githyanki will destroy some of the records in the vault, and then they'll attack you. When you finally get a chance to read the records yourself, all you'll find is a mention of Ammon Jerro's daughter Shandra, "the Highcliff girl with the flammable barn." You'll need to go rescue her before the githyanki get to her.

Note: If, after reading the records, you decide to stay in the archives to do some more exploring, you can jump to Shandra's Farm at any time by reading the vault records again.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Caretaker

3 - Dead Caretaker

You can pick up a Caretaker's Veil from the dead caretaker.

4 - Pedestal / The Illefarn Cipher

The tome on this pedestal (#4) will ask you a question about The Illefarn Cypher (#4a). The Cypher is a code book, so the question will ask you to translate a code. One possible question is "93271" to which the correct response is "Me Lead One Shadow Life."

5 - Pedestal / To Counter the Assumption of a Flat Faerūn

The tome on this pedestal (#5) will ask you a question about To Counter the Assumption of a Flat Faerūn (#5a). A sample question is, "What is revealed at the end of the book?" The answer is "Nothing."

6 - Pedestal / Luskan Threat to Neverwinter

The tome on this pedestal (#6) will ask you a question about Luskan Threat to Neverwinter (#6a). A sample question is, "Who is the current Luskan Ambassador to Neverwinter?" The answer is "Torio Claven."

7 - Pedestal / Death of a Sailorman

The tome on this pedestal (#7) will ask you a question about Death of a Sailorman, which you can find broken up into three volumes on the shelves of the archives (#7a). A sample question is, "What is the name of Trenor B. Darven's ship?" The answer is "Sable Crow."

8 - Vault

The doors to the vault will open after you've answered the questions on the four pedestals (#4-7).

9 - Secret Rooms

Each secret room will start out blocked by a bookcase and a secret door. If you put on a Caretaker's Veil (#2 or #3), then the bookcase will disappear, allowing you to open the door. Inside each secret room you'll find a treasure chest. Most of the chests will drop potions and scrolls and the like, but a couple of them will drop recipe books: The Book of All Elements and Alazzabner's Grand Ensorcelments of the Mind.

  1. Front door to the archives. If you go through this door, then you'll immediately start up a conversation with your escort, and you'll either have to go back inside the archives, or you'll have to leave for the Merchant Quarter.