Crossroad Keep (Under Enemy Control)

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When you arrive at the keep, you'll be greeted by an elf named Vale from the Many-Starred Cloaks (#1). He'll tell you that the plan (if you want to call it that) is to charge at the keep when the Luskans change their guard shifts -- and conveniently open the main gate (Exit A).

After the conversation, the battle will start, but when you reach the keep entrance (Exit B), you'll discover that the Luskan mages have blocked it with magic, and that you'll need to sneak into the keep via a tunnel. You can access the tunnel by traveling to the Crossroad Keep Escape Tunnel location on the world map.

The escape tunnel is a short encounter zone where you'll have to battle some beetles and spiders, but it will lead you to the western side of the keep (Exit C). When you exit the tunnel, you'll find Aldanon (#3), who will tell you some things about the ritual Garius is planning, and then in the foyer (#4) you'll encounter several Luskan soldiers and a pair of arcane brothers. Killing the brothers will allow Vale and the Many-Starred Cloaks to enter the keep.

The main battle in the keep will take place is the basement (#9). There you'll find Garius and a bunch of Luskans performing a ritual. However, Vale will come to your aid here, and once you've defeated enough of the Luskans, the ritual will collapse and Garius will die -- for a time, at least. When you exit the keep, you'll witness a cutscene where Garius will come back to life as a shadow reaver.

When you're ready to move on, talk to Vale again. You'll be transported back to Neverwinter, where you'll start up a conversation with Zhjaeve, a githzerai cleric who was the other prisoner (besides Aldanon) in the keep. She'll automatically join your party, and then you'll be asked to return to Crossroad Keep.

When you arrive at Crossroad Keep, you'll be named its Captain, and Zhjaeve will tell you a little of the origin of the King of Shadows, and how she believes that you're the only one who can stop him. Then she'll mention the Ritual of Purification, which you can undergo in the ancient Illefarn town of Arvahn, and she'll mark Arvahn on the world map.

1 - Vale

2 - Courtyard

You'll face several Luskan soldiers and a Luskan warpriest in the courtyard. When they die, they'll drop the bastard sword Discord and a Cape of the Fire Bath.

3 - Library

You'll find a couple things of interest in the library. First and foremost, you'll discover Aldanon here. He'll tell you that he learned about some "horrific ritual" that deals with "bringing shadows and power to all the recipients involved" -- and, of course, he'll mention how he told Garius all about it.

If you look in the shelves, you'll also find a copy of The Ancient Art of Golemcraft. This book can be used to fix the Construct. See Grobnar's character page for more information.

4 - Foyer

You'll run into several Luskan soldiers and a pair of arcane brothers in the foyer (#4). When you kill the brothers, Vale and the Many-Starred Cloaks (#1) will enter the keep. After the battle, when you loot the corpses, you should find the Crossroad Keep key on the remains of one of the arcane brothers. It will allow you to pass through the door to the east (#4a). You should also find an Aiedo Wither-Stick.

5 - Locked and Blocked Doors

There are a few doors in the keep (#5) that you won't be able to go through until later. One such door (#5a) blocks the way into Zhjaeve's cell. The Many-Starred Cloaks will free Zhjaeve after you've dealt with Garius (#9), and then she'll become available as a companion.

6 - Shadow Priests

At this spot you'll encounter a shadow priestess and four shadow priests. The priestess will drop a Greater Cloak of Protection vs Good and a Talisman of Pure Evil when she dies.

7 - Shelves

You'll find a bunch of potions and scrolls in these shelves, plus a Brotherhood Journal.

8 - Blade Golem

9 - Garius

You'll find Garius, plus a dozen of his closest Luskan friends, here, performing a dark ritual. After you've broken up the ritual and killed the Luskans, you'll find a whole truckload of loot on their bodies, including a Fist of the Legion, the recipe book Of Healthful Enchantments for the Body, Gargoyle Boots, a Ring of Clear Thought +2, a Lesser Ring of Power, and a Silver Shard: Combat Bonus.

  1. Main gate.
  2. Keep entrance.
  3. Tunnel entrance.
  4. Stairs between the main level and the basement.
  5. World exit.