Eyegouger Clan

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Area Note

When you leave the Bonegnasher Clan, you'll trigger a special encounter where you'll meet up with the paladin Casavir, and he'll automatically join your party. Even if you don't want Casavir around, you'll have to keep him in your party until you've rescued the emissary (#17).

You won't be able to explore the Eyegouger Clan (and it might not even show up on the world map) until you've added Casavir to your party.


1 - Starting Point

2 - Chest

Inside this chest you'll find Hideo's Kama.

3 - Throne Room

One of the orcs here will drop a Nimble Crossbow when it dies.

4 - White Wolves

If you have Elanee in your party, then she'll be able to talk to the wolves, and you'll learn that a human (the Waterdeep emissary) recently entered the lair and was taken to the lowest level (#17). Elanee can also convince the wolves to follow you and help you in battle, or you can just let them go. If you don't have Elanee in your party, then the wolves will turn hostile when you approach them, and you'll have to kill them.

Note: You might also be able to talk to the wolves if you're playing a druid or a ranger character.

5 - Orcs

The orcs in this room will drop a variety of useful equipment, including a Quarterstaff +2, Hide Armor +2, and Tagget's Talon. You can also pick up some random treasure from the locked and doubly trapped chest in the cell to the east.

6 - Ore

You'll find two veins of ore in these caverns, one on the first level (#6) and one on the third level (#6a or #6b). When we played the campaign using version 1.02, the vein at #6a was broken, and we never saw the vein at #6b. When we played using version 1.04, we saw the vein at #6b but not the one at #6a, and so we're not sure if the vein on the third level is random and sometimes broken, or if the vein at #6a was simply fixed and moved to #6b in one of the patches.

You won't find a use for ore until Act II.

7 - Wounded Orcs

You'll find some wounded orcs in this room. If you finish them off, you'll become more evil. If you let nature take its course, you'll become more good.

8 - Guard Room

Inside this room you'll discover four human guards and a "torture chest." Between them, you'll find a bunch of +1 equipment, a Mage's Battle Robe, and a journal. The journal will detail somebody's progress in torturing people (including Issani of Waterdeep), and how the torturer hopes to "turn" them in a Manchurian Candidate sort of way.

9 - Bedroom

You should find a Neverwinter Kukri in the chest in this room.

10 - Interrogator

You'll encounter an interrogator and three guards here. You'll overhear them talking about how their current prisoner (#17) refuses to talk, and then they'll notice you and attack. The interrogator and guards will drop a bunch of +1 equipment, plus a Robe of Electrical Resistance, when they die.

11 - Logram Eyegouger

You'll have to fight Logram Eyegouger here, plus some other orcs. If you allowed Yaisog Bonegnasher to live while at the Bonegnasher Clan, then you'll face him here as well. The orcs will drop several nice items when they die, including a Watchman's Helm, a Luckstone, Chainmail +2, and the warmace Ardulia's Fall. Logram will also drop an orcish medallion, which appears to act as proof that you've killed him. If Yaisog is in the battle, then he'll add a Stonefire Axe +1 to the loot pile.

12 - Treasure Room

You'll find the warmace Stoutcorps Key in a weapon rack in the treasure room.

13 - Dead Bodies

You won't be able to do anything with the bodies, but discussing them will give you a chance to influence your companions.

14 - Ghasts

One of the ghasts will drop Bracers of Archery when it dies.

15 - Weapon Rack

You'll find at least one random magical weapon inside the weapon rack.

16 - Wynn / Shadow Priest

You'll find the body of somebody named Wynn here. When you approach it, a shadow priest will appear and attack you, and Wynn will disappear. The priest will have a couple of acolytes helping him, but area-effect spells will take them down quickly. The shadow priest will drop a Morningstar +2 and the light shield Dwarven Mirth when he dies.

Note: If you have Qara with you, then she'll recognize Wynn and the two acolytes as fellow students from the Academy, but nothing will come of it.

17 - Issani

The Waterdeep emissary will leave for Old Owl Well after you've spoken to him.

Note: If you have the fake emissary from the Bonegnasher Clan with you, then Issani will recognize him as somebody named Olov, and a fight will break out. When Olov dies, he'll drop Bracers of Armor +3, a Kukri +2, The Book of Seeing, and more.

18 - Laboratory

If you loot all of the containers here, you'll pick up Gloves of the Hin Fist +2, a journal, and more. You can also use an alchemist's workbench here, if you find yourself with a sudden desire to craft something.

  1. Entrance to the Eyegouger Lair. One of the orcs just outside the lair should drop the light crossbow Outrider's Flight when it dies.
  2. Stairs between levels 1 and 2.
  3. Stairs between levels 2 and 3.
  4. World exit.