Strange Clearing

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Area Note

This is the area where you'll "meet" the Wendersnaven. It will only appear on the world map after you've spoken to Enleva and Noduab in Port Llast.

You'll be required to have Grobnar in your party when you leave for this location.

If Guyven is staying at Crossroad Keep, then at some point while you're in the area, you'll receive a notice that he'd probably like to hear about this place, and you'll earn 100 xp.


Not much will happen in this clearing. When you examine the remains of the Relentless Poet (#3), Grobnar will stumble over an invisible musical instrument called a Wenderkazoo. That "gift" is the only thing that you'll receive from the Wendersnaven; there isn't any way to form an alliance with them.

When you attempt to leave the area, several orcs will jump out and attack you. They shouldn't be very difficult to kill, and they won't drop anything when they die.

1 - Starting Point

"I can't quite put my finger on it... but there's something strange about this place."

2 - Ore

When you click on the ore, you'll gain 50 xp.

3 - Remains of the Relentless Poet

When you click on the remains, you'll uncover the Journal of the Relentless Poet, which will describe the poet's attempts to contact the Wendersnaven. Then Grobnar will stumble over an invisible musical instrument, and he'll attempt to play it. It might sound like he's just humming and making things up, but if you check his inventory, you'll find a Wenderkazoo there.

  1. World exit.