Temple of Seasons

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The Temple of Seasons looks like it might be a puzzle area, but it's really a battle area. Each time you read a book (#3-6), creatures will spawn in the room with you, and killing them will allow you to move on to the next book, and eventually to the Statue of Purification (#7).

When you reach the statue, it will bestow upon you the Cleansing Nova blessing, which will burn undead and outsider enemies with fire damage. If you want to hotkey this blessing, you can find it listed with your history feats.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Cloaked Bard Statue

The inscription on the statue will let you know that the temple is guarded by four undead knights, and that it houses a Statue of Purification (#7).

3 - Book of Winter

When you read the book (#3), ice mephits and winter wolves will start spawning in the room. Once you've killed enough of them, the door to the east (#3a) will open.

4 - Book of Spring

When you read the book (#4), several earth elementals and hunter statues will spawn in the room. Once you've killed them, the door to the north (#4a) will open.

5 - Book of Summer

When you read the book (#5), an iron golem will appear. This iron golem is just like the one in the Gem Mines, so if you've already been there then the same strategy should work. If you haven't been to the Gem Mines yet, then realize that the golem is immune to most spells and to regular damage. The best way to damage it is through the elemental damage bonuses that can be found on many weapons. Once you've killed the golem, the door to the west (#5a) will open.

6 - Book of Autumn

When you read the book (#6), several sylphs will appear in the room. Once you've killed them, the door to the east (#6a) will open.

7 - Statue of Purification

8 - Sarcophagi

You'll find four sarcophagi and for lockboxes here, one for each of the undead knights who guards the temple. If you plunder all of the lockboxes, then you'll find Laeral's Spell Shield, a Belt of Guiding Light, the battleaxe Sentinel +2, a Ceremonial Uthgardt Belt, a Cloak of Etherealness, and the recipe book Accoutrements of Masterful Wizardry and Their Construction.

9 - Locked Door

This door will open after you've completed the four trials in the temple (#3-6). However, as of version 1.03, the door is buggy, and you can pick it open and then move right to the Statue of Purification (#7), without having to go through any of the trials.

  1. Temple entrance.