Ember (Act I)

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When you arrive in Ember, you'll find it deserted -- well, sort of. The village's inhabitants will appear to be missing, but the githyanki will be there in full force, and once you've taken a few steps towards the center of the village, they'll begin streaming out of the houses and attack you.

After the battle, a woman named Alaine will come up to you and let you know that the kidnappers "barely have an hour on you, but they were moving fast." You won't be able to do much else in the village -- none of the doors can be opened, for example -- but you might want to talk to Marcus (#2) before leaving. If you force Bishop to give Marcus his knife, then Marcus will prove to be an ally to you later.

When you leave Ember, the Githyanki Base will appear on the world map. That should be your next stop.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Marcus

"It's you... you're the one who will destroy Ember."

After those disturbing words, Marcus will tell you that everyone in Ember will be killed -- except for him -- and that he'll only survive if you let him have Bishop's knife. If you force Bishop to give up his knife, then Marcus will help you out in Act II. Otherwise, you'll never see him again.

  1. World exit.