The Weeping Willow Inn

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When you arrive at the inn, you'll stumble upon three brawlers threatening a dwarf. No matter what you say, you'll end up fighting the brawlers with the dwarf. After the fight, the dwarf will introduce himself as Khelgar Ironfist, and he'll tell you that he's traveling to Neverwinter to become a monk.

During the middle of the conversation, a bladeling will burst into the inn and direct his gray dwarf followers to attack the kalach-cha -- you! Khelgar will immediately join your party, and together you'll have to dispatch the attackers.

Note: You won't be able to control who's in your party until you reach Neverwinter.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Gera

Gera (#2) will tell you that her husband Zachan (#2a) is "trapped upstairs with those dreadful creatures." If you rescue Zachan from the two bladelings who have him cornered, you'll receive 50 gp, and Zachan will teleport to Gera downstairs. Then when you talk to Gera again, you'll receive another 150 xp. If you don't mind becoming more evil and chaotic, you can also squeeze some gp out of Zachan and Gera.

After rescuing Zachan and talking to Gera, the happy couple will leave the inn. You'll see them again when you reach Highcliff.

3 - Jorik

Jorik won't have much to say to you until you've helped out Gera and Zachan (#2). After that, he'll act as a shopkeeper, and he'll tell you a little about the inn and the surrounding areas.

4 - Galen

You'll find the merchant Galen here, being protected by his mercenary guards. He won't reward you for rescuing him, but he will give you some disturbing news about Fort Locke: apparently, the fort's commander has gone missing. Galen will leave once you've rescued him, but you'll see him again once or twice before you reach the fort.

  1. Inn exit.
  2. Stairs between levels 1 and 2.