Maiden's Glade

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Area Note

The first time you select Highcliff on the world map, you'll end up traveling to Maiden's Glade instead. See the Highcliff section for the reasons for the detour.


1 - Starting Point

When you arrive in Maiden's Glade, you'll be attacked by some wolves. Immediately after the fight, you'll have to decide how to deal with the other animals in the area -- to charm them, avoid them, or fight them. However, this decision is for influence only. When you actually run into the other animals, you can handle them any way you'd like, and none of your companions will comment.

2 - Dead Wolves

When you approach the dead wolves, you'll initiate a cutscene. This is another place where you can gain or lose influence with your companions, but which won't restrict what you can do next.

3 - Huge Enraged Bear

You'll encounter a huge enraged bear here. From what we can tell, there isn't any way to handle the bear peaceably; you'll have to attack it. Once you've defeated the bear, you'll learn that it is really a druid named Kaleil, and that something is drastically wrong with the land and the Circles of druids who are supposed to be protecting it. This is also the start of Elanee's subquests.

When Kaleil dies, you'll earn about 75 xp for defeating him, and another 200 xp for "saving Kaleil from his madness." Killing Kaleil won't calm the remaining animals in the glade. They'll still attack you on sight.

  1. World exit.