City Watch Quest: The Back Alley

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When you meet with Captain Brelaina and Marshal Cormick in the City Watch Headquarters in the Merchant Quarter, they'll reward you with 300 xp, and they'll promote you to lieutenant. Then, after arguing about money and loyalty for a while, they'll tell you that the bandits in the Docks District have become even bolder. Not only did they burn down the City Watch building there; now they're planning a major offensive against the Watch, and the only way to stop it is to intercept a weapons shipment that they're planning to send through the back alleys of the city.

To reach the weapons shipment, you'll have to travel to the Back Alley, which is located in the northeastern corner of the Docks District. You'll find lots of thugs in the area, as well as some City Watchmen. The thugs will start out hostile, but the Watchmen will start out neutral, giving you a chance to persuade them to leave the area. If you fail in your diplomacy, then you'll have to fight them.

About halfway through your trek, you'll encounter a large group of Watchmen and thugs (#2). There are two ways you can deal with this. If you have Qara, Neeshka or Elanee with you, then you can use one of them to start a fire in the alley (#2a) and draw off the Watchmen. That will allow you to fight the thugs by themselves, and then you can either sneak past the Watchmen or fight them later. Or you can just fight both groups at once. Neither the Watchmen nor the thugs are very difficult, so it doesn't really matter if you split up the fight or not.

Farther along the alley, you'll run into a gang leader and his men (#3). The gang leader won't want to stop you; he'll want to stop the weapons shipment, too. However, there isn't a lot you can do with him. You can fight him if you want, but otherwise you'll just have to leave him there as you continue on towards the shipment (#4). If you do fight the gang leader, you'll find a Lesser Amulet of the Master on his corpse.

When you reach the weapons shipment, you'll find some City Watchmen already there. They'll be on Moire's side, though, and, as far as we can tell, there isn't any way to talk them out of a fight. So in order to secure the shipment, you'll have to fight about a dozen Watchmen and thugs. Fortunately, all of the enemies are pretty wimpy, and with a couple of well-placed area spells, you should be able to knock them out quickly.

After the battle, you'll have a choice. If you have Neeshka in your party, then she'll suggest that you might want to loot the weapons shipment for yourself rather than waste it on the City Watch. If you agree, then Neeshka will find the rapier Namarra (Neversleep) +1 in the shipment.

When you're ready to move on, either click on the cart (which will teleport you to the City Watch Headquarters in the Merchant Quarter), or else exit the area and then walk back to Brelaina and Cormick.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Watchmen and Thugs

3 - Rival Gang

4 - Weapons Shipment

  1. Exit to the Docks District.