Bandit Quests: Initial Quests

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After reaching Neverwinter for the first time, you'll be given a choice to join the City Watch or Moire's bandit gang. This decision will start a long branch in the campaign, and you'll have to complete several quests for whichever organization you select. The initial bandit quests can be found on this page. The remaining quests can be found in the "Act I: Bandit Quests" section of the walkthrough.

Quest 1: Extortion

When you meet Caleb (#1) for the first time, he'll tell you that Hagen hasn't been paying his tribute money, and he'll ask you to break the shopkeeper's arms and collect what he owes. You'll find Hagen inside Hagen's Imports (#2) on the western side of the Docks District. Surprisingly, there doesn't appear to be any way to kill Hagen or break his arms, although it is possible to break some of his merchandise. No matter what you say, Hagen will eventually cave in to you and give you Hagen's Payment.

Note: If you loot the locked box in Hagen's shop, you'll become more evil and chaotic.

When you return to Caleb, he'll let you have 300 gp out of the money you extorted from Hagen, but then Hagen will show up with the City Watch. You can bribe the Watch to go away (which is worth 300 xp), or you can fight the Watch, or both. Afterwards, Caleb will announce that he should lie low for a while, and he'll recommend that you talk to Moire. For completing the quest you'll earn 200 xp.

Quest 2: Sending Messages

You'll find Moire in her office (#3) on the northern side of the Docks District. When you talk to her, she'll ask you to visit the four City Watch guard posts in the district (#4) and attempt to turn the guards there to her side -- or, failing that, to kill them. Each guard post will go about the same. You'll be given some dialogue options (usually involving bribery) to convince the guards to help Moire, and if that doesn't work, then you'll have to fight them.

You'll also encounter some rival thugs in the district. In the northeastern corner you'll run into some "movers" pushing a cart (#5). If you convince them to share their take with you, then you'll receive 200 gp. If you anger them or look in the cart, then they'll become hostile and you'll have to kill them. Inside the cart you'll find 1000 gp plus some other odds and ends, so the most profitable solution is to kill them and take everything.

Also, if you go to where Caleb started out (#1), then you can witness a pair of thugs killing one of Moire's men. When you talk to the thugs, you'll receive a diplomacy option to try and convince them to work for Moire, but this always failed for us, and so you'll probably have to kill them. One of the thugs will drop 200 gp when he dies.

Finally, you'll find some random groups of thugs in the district. They'll pop up here and there while you're visiting the guard posts. Each thug is worth about 150 xp (depending on your level), so you should track down as many of them as possible.

When you return to Moire, she won't reward you with any xp, but if you demand payment from her, she'll give you 500 gp.

Quest 3: Burning Down the Watch

For this quest, Moire will tell you to burn down the City Watch building (#6), and she'll give you a torch to help you out. Outside the Watch building, you'll find a wagon and two piles of crates. If you have the torch equipped, then when you click on one of the objects, you'll light it on fire. To burn down the Watch building, you'll have to set fire to all three objects.

If the city guards see you starting the fires, and if you fail a diplomacy or bluff check, then you might have to kill about a dozen guards outside the building (sometimes guards will appear but not turn hostile). You'll earn 20-35 xp for each guard you kill, but if you can do the job without killing any of them, then you'll earn 500 xp at the end of the quest.

To complete the quest, you'll need to do one of two things. If you enter the Watch building, then you can warn Marshal Cormick and the other guards about the fire. You can also simply walk away from the building, leaving the guards to their fate. From what we can tell, it doesn't make any difference which way you do it.

When you return to Moire, she'll reward you with 200 xp -- but then she'll tell you that she can't get you into the Blacklake District. Only her boss, Axle Devrie, can do that. You'll find Axle in his office in the Merchant Quarter, and he'll give you more quests to complete.

1 - Caleb

2 - Hagen's Imports

3 - Moire's Office

4 - City Watch Guard Posts

5 - Movers

6 - City Watch Building