Shadow Reaver Camp
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Area Note

Since you'll be fighting a shadow reaver in this encounter, you'll need to have Ammon Jerro or Zhjaeve in your party, since those are the only two characters who can make shadow reavers vulnerable.

If Guyven is at Crossroad Keep, then you'll receive 500 xp "for avoiding the shadow reaver's ambush" when you arrive at the campsite (even if you didn't talk to Guyven before leaving). If you didn't recruit Guyven, then you won't get any extra xp, but you won't get ambushed, either. The encounter will be exactly the same either way.


When you arrive at the camp, you'll find a shadow reaver flanked by two blade golems and two greater shadows. The shadow reaver will taunt you for a bit, but then it will attack.

Unlike in previous meetings with shadow reavers, this time you'll need to kill it by activating a True Name Scroll on it. If you don't activate the scroll, then the reaver will heal itself every time you knock it down to 50% health, and the battle will never end (at least not in a good way).

Activating the True Name Scroll will take a while, and the character activating it (Ammon Jerro or Zhjaeve) can be disrupted during the process. So the best thing to do is to move the reciting character away from the battle a bit, and then to control that character during the fight, so you'll know if the recitation worked or not. You should also focus on the minion creatures first, and only concentrate on the shadow reaver once the recitation has been completed (since damaging the reaver before then won't make a lot of difference).

After the battle, when you loot the corpse of the shadow reaver, you'll find the scythe Wicked Union and a Silver Shard: Death Magic Immunity. Picking up the shard will trigger the "Reform the Sword" quest.

When you return to Crossroad Keep, Zhjaeve and Ammon Jerro will start up a conversation. Zhjaeve will suggest that you might have enough shards now to reform the sword, and Ammon will suggest that you visit a dead dragon named Nolaloth to learn about how the reforming might take place. Ammon will then mark Nolaloth's Valley on the world map.