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Area Note

You'll be required to have Zhjaeve in your party when you leave for this area.

The first time you approach Arvahn, you'll encounter a peasant being chased by a group of hunters. The hunters are followers of Malar the Beastlord, and if you don't do anything, then they'll kill the peasant. If you intervene, then you'll have to fight the hunters, but the huntmaster will drop a Scimitar of Speed when he dies.

The second time you approach Arvahn, several pixies will stop you and demand that you relinquish your gold and clothes. If you play along, then they'll applaud your sense of humor, and they'll give you a Ring of Invisibility. If you kill the pixies, then you'll find a Pixie Lance on their remains.


Your goal in Arvahn is to complete the Ritual of Purification. To do that, you'll need to activate five statues. Each time you activate a statue, you'll be given a blessing, which you'll then be able to invoke once per day. You'll find one of the statues sitting out in plain sight (#2). For the other four, you'll have to explore the dungeons connected to the area (Exits A-D).

1 - Starting Point

2 - Statue of Purification

When you click on this statue, you'll receive the Aurora Chain blessing, which will cause your party's weapons to do extra divine damage. If you want to hotkey this blessing, you can find it listed with your history feats.

Note: If the game claims that you're still in combat when you click on the statue, then the easiest thing to do is to load a saved game from before entering Arvahn, and to play the initial sequence in the ruins over again.

3 - Orc Camp

Inside the orc camp you'll meet Uthanck Thin-Blood, chief of the Corpsewalker Clan and brother of Logram Eyegouger (who you might remember from the Eyegouger Clan). Uthanck will start out neutral, and if you're diplomatic with him, then he'll offer to leave you in peace if you agree to kill the ogre mage Ghellu for him. You'll find Ghellu in Riverguard Keep (Exit A), and if you kill him and then return to Uthanck, you'll receive 1500 xp.

Also in the camp you'll meet the orc shaman Ilrah Broken-Ribs. If you're polite to him as well, then he'll bestow upon you Ilrah's Rib, an item that will give you the Toughness and Blind-Fight feats just for having it in your inventory. Ilrah will also tell you that you'll lose your left foot in a future battle, but so far as we know there isn't any way to actually do this.

If you insult Ilrah or otherwise attack one of the orcs, then they'll all pounce on you, but you'll find the handaxe Ice Reaver +3 and the amulet The Ancient Sermon on their corpses.

  1. Entrance to Riverguard Keep.
  2. Entrance to the Gem Mines.
  3. Entrance to the Temple of Seasons.
  4. Song Portal. The Song Portal won't do anything when you first come to it, and, despite its name, singing bard songs and the like won't do anything to activate it. The portal will only become functional after you've activated the first four Statues of Purification. When you do make it through the portal, you'll find yourself back in West Harbor.
  5. World exit.