Neverwinter Blacklake District

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1 - Temple of Lathander

In the nave you'll meet Dawnbringer Natrisse. She'll ask you to deliver a tithe box to Brother Merring in West Harbor, and she'll give you 200 gp for your trouble. The tithe box is trapped. If you use the item, then you'll be given the option of attempting to disarm the trap and open the box. If you can do that successfully, then you'll earn 100 xp, and you'll find 300 gp and some gems inside. If you can't disarm the trap, then the box will blow up if you try to open it, and you won't find anything inside. When you deliver the tithe box to Brother Merring, you'll receive 1500 xp, even if you pilfered the contents.

Natrisse will also act as a shopkeeper. If you ask her to show you her wares, then she'll offer you a variety of monk and paladin gear, such as Boots of the Sun Soul +4 and a Mace of Disruption +5.

If you search through the living quarters on the eastern side of the temple, you'll find the flail Heirs of Osiris, a Greater Shield of Dawn, a Mac-Fuirmidh Cithern, and more.

2 - Pepin Pollo

Pepin is an artist, and he'll be mesmerized by Shandra's appearance. If you let Shandra pose for him, then you'll be able to pick up some influence with her -- but watch out, this might tick off the other females in your party.

3 - Kyli Bryce

When you approach Kyli, you'll overhear a heated discussion between her and her sister Lisbet. You'll learn that Lisbet and her friends Raven and Savanna plan to enter a nearby crypt (Exit C) with some boys, and do who knows what inside -- contrary to their father's orders.

If you follow Lisbet inside, then you'll discover that the teens have started a shadow cult, and that they're trying to raise the dead in the crypt to work for them as their thralls. After dealing with the cult and returning to Kyli, you'll receive 2000 xp, plus 300 gp more if you rescued Lisbet at the same time.

4 - Theater on the Lake

You'll be given the chance to compete in a battle of the bards here. In a Simon-esque fashion, Cain Lethellon will play a short tune, and then you'll have to repeat it. If your perform skill is high enough (7 is enough), or if Grobnar is in your party (and you have enough influence with him), then you can listen to the tune as many times as you'd like. You can also practice the tune for as long as you'd like.

But even so, this is sort of a long and tedious quest, and you might have trouble with it even if you're musically inclined. So here are the numbers you'll need to press to play the tunes correctly.
Round 1: 44124754
Round 2: 234451122
Round 3: 2332233175
Round 4: 35345272725
After each round, if you get the tune right, then you'll be given an opportunity to insult Cain and cause him to bungle his repeat performance of the tune. These insults use a variety of skill and attribute checks, from perform to sleight of hand to dexterity to diplomacy. You can also send Sand into the crowd to heckle Cain, or ask Qara to arrange some pyrotechnics for you, or get Grobnar up on stage so you can perform a duet.

If you beat Cain honestly, then you'll receive 250 xp and the Golden Lute of Shazar at the end of the battle. If you fail miserably in matching the tunes, then you can always set Cain on fire at the end (regardless of your class) and steal his lute. You won't get any xp for that case, and your alignment will shift 1 point towards evil, but you'll probably feel more content about the outcome.

Note: Be aware that after the competition, your character will be wielding a musical instrument rather than a weapon.

5 - Empty Estate / Gannish Estate

If you're with the City Watch, then this building will be called an Empty Estate. If you've accepted the "City Watch Undercover" quest from Captain Brelaina in the Merchant Quarter, then when you go inside the estate, you'll have to pose as a shady merchant named Gannish and convince some thieves to buy your wares. No matter what you say, the thieves will end up attacking you, but if you can make enough skill checks (including checks on bluff, perform and diplomacy) so that the thieves trust you at the end, then you'll receive a bonus of 7500 gp and 300 xp. The main thief will drop Rogue Links, a Dagger +3, and a Greater Cloak of Protection vs Law when he dies, and Captain Brelaina will reward you with 1000 xp when you return to her.

If you joined Axle and Moire, then this building will be called the Gannish Estate. When you go inside, you'll meet Lord Gannish. After saying the correct phrase (about traveling to Amn), Gannish will bring out two merchandise tables for you to examine. You'll need to make skill checks against spellcraft, lore, craft traps, and more to test the quality of the supplies being offered. The more checks you make, the worse the equipment will look, and the less you'll have to pay for it. When we played through this quest, we made three skill checks (out of six) and only had to pay 12,000 gp. However, once you've made the deal, or if you decide to back out of the deal, then Gannish will reveal himself to be an imposter, and the City Watch will attack. After the battle, when you return to Axle, you'll receive 1000 xp and some gold (the amount depends on the quality of the deal you struck with Gannish).

6 - Jenks

Jenks (#6) is the assistant kennel-keeper for the Academy. When you approach him, you'll witness him chasing away a small flying creature named Kiggo. If you then talk to Jenks, he'll happily explain how he beats animals to keep them in line, and that Kiggo and the creatures in the nearby crates are imps, scheduled to be delivered to the Academy for use in experiments.

You'll see Kiggo again a little to the north (#6a). If you talk to him, then he'll ask you to rescue the imps in the crates. If you agree, then he'll give you the kennel-keeper's key, which you can use to open the crates. When you do, the imps inside will chase away Jenks, and your alignment will shift 10 points towards chaotic. Then when you return to Kiggo again, he'll reward you with three scrolls: one each for cone of cold, lightning bolt, and fireball. Later, you'll see the imps flying around the Blacklake District, ticking off all of the nobles there.

If you decide not to help Kiggo, then he'll disappear, but later when you return to the Academy, you'll witness him freeing the other imps himself. The imps will then turn hostile and attack you and Jenks, but nothing will happen once you've chased them down and killed them.

7 - Dayne Lynneth

Dayne Lynneth is a shopkeeper. He'll offer you a variety of items, such as Bracers of the Blinding Strike and the Amulet of the Master.

If you have the "Merchant's Friend" feat (available to players who pre-ordered the game), then Dayne will recognize you as Daeghun's ward, and he'll offer you a special selection of goods. This will allow you to buy items such as A Mad Gent's Gloves, the kukri Gutspiller, Ysridain's Soul.

If you're comfortable using the console, then you can use the following commands to give yourself the "Merchant's Friend" feat:
Right click on your character
Press the tilde key (~)
Type: DebugMode 1
Type: givefeat 1764
Type: DebugMode 0
Press the tilde key (~) again

8 - The Academy

There isn't any way to enter the Academy.

9 - Neverwinter Archives

There isn't any way to re-enter the archives building after visiting it in Act I.

10 - Temar Estate

After the Ember trial, you'll receive a quest from Sir Nevalle (Exit E) to investigate a tailor named Larim, who was last seen in this estate. From the quest description, you might think that this would be a diplomatic quest, to subtly figure out Larim's ties to Luskan and to Lord Temar, but when you enter the estate you won't receive any real dialogue options, and the encounter will always turn into a battle. Afterwards, when you loot the bodies, you'll find Bracers of Armor +4, a Mercykiller Blade, a Ring of Freedom of Movement, the short sword Breath of the Maiden, and a Ring of Regeneration. Then when you return to Sir Nevalle, you'll receive 1500 xp.

  1. Entrance to Aldanon's House. You won't be able to enter the house until you've received a quest to go there (after the trial).
  2. Entrance to the Collector's Mansion. The mansion is involved in Neeshka's quest line. See her character page for details.
  3. Entrance to Bryce Crypt. The crypt is involved in Kyli's quest (#4).
  4. Entrance to the Tavorick Estate. You won't be allowed to enter the estate until a quest takes you there midway through Act II.
  5. Entrance to Castle Never. You'll find Sir Nevalle and Lord Nasher inside. Sir Nevalle will ask you to investigate a tailor named Larim, who was last seen in Lord Temar's Estate (#10). Completing the task will net you 1500 xp.
  6. World exit.