Companions: Neeshka



Neutral tiefling rogue

Starting Ability Scores:

12 STR, 18 DEX, 14 CON, 16 INT, 8 WIS, 12 CHA


You'll meet Neeshka just outside Fort Locke, and, after defending her from a group of soldiers, she'll automatically join your party.

Best Quotes:

"Questions, questions -- go ahead, I'm all horns."

"Trust me, with a gut like his, Khelgar doesn't do anything lightly."

Hagen: "There she is. She's the one who took my money."
Neeshka: "It is so strange to hear that not directed at me."

"What are we standing around for? We beat Garius and his wizards... come on, let's search the bodies."

"I feel this strange, rosy glow all of a sudden. We don't have to hug, do we?"


Neeshka's quests will start once you've reached Neverwinter. In the Docks District, a street tough named Bennon will attack you because Neeshka's ex-partner Leldon put a bounty on her. After the battle, you'll learn the reason: during their last job together, Leldon attempted to cheat Neeshka out of her share of the loot, but Neeshka later came back and stole her share away from him, plus more, and rubbed his nose in it.

Then, just after arriving in the Merchant Quarter, another bounty hunter named Tremmel will attack you. After this second fight, Neeshka will suggest that you take the battle to Leldon and steal his lucky coin from him. Neeshka won't know where Leldon is holed up, but she'll figure that Ophala at the Moonstone Mask might know. Ophala will mark the location of Leldon's Hideout in the Merchant Quarter.

Leldon's Hideout will barely be defended, and so you should have no trouble going in and picking up Leldon's Lucky Coin. Of course, the theft won't make Leldon happy. If he doesn't come right out and attack you at his hideout, then at some point after Wolf has agreed to work for you, when you enter the Sunken Flagon, Wolf will give you a message from Leldon. Leldon will ask you and Neeshka to meet him in Neverwinter Park, located in the Merchant Quarter.

At the park, you'll learn that the coin you stole really belongs to Neeshka, and that she's the one who goes crazy if she doesn't have it. Then Leldon will attack. Leldon will only have two guards with him, so it won't be much of an ambush. Once you've damaged Leldon enough, he'll throw down a smoke bomb and disappear, and you'll earn 400 xp.

Note: The encounter with Leldon in his hideout and the encounter with him in the park are basically the same (smoke bombs and all), and you'll only meet him in one of the two places.

In Act II, the first time you exit the Sunken Flagon, a woman named Tasha will come up to you and tell you that Leldon is planning to rob a rich nobleman known as the Collector so that he can retire as "the greatest thief in Neverwinter's history." This, of course, will irk Neeshka to no end, and she'll decide that you should do the job first.

"It's like he's deliberately trying to rub my face in it."

You'll find the Collector's Mansion in the Blacklake District. You'll have to solve a couple of puzzles to get inside the Collector's vault, but once there Leldon will show up and attack you. He won't use any tricky smoke bombs this time, and so when you kill him, that will be it. You'll receive 1500 xp when Leldon dies, and you'll never hear from Tasha again.


Neeshka is listed as neutral, but she's a rogue, and so chaotic activities will often make her happy. However, Neeshka won't like other females in the party, and complimenting them will make her jealous. Here are some of the places where you can gain influence with Neeshka.

Amt Act Location Situation
±1 I Fort Locke After Neeshka discloses the location of the bandit camp, suggest that you go there and loot it (+1), or else say that you don't want to steal their gold (-1).
±1 I Bandit Camp After rescuing the refugees, thank Neeshka (+1) or don't thank Neeshka (-1).
±1 I The Graveyard After discovering the dead soldier, agree that "dead is dead" (+1) or decide that it is better to die with honor (-1).
±1 I Maiden's Glade Agree to fight or avoid the wolves in the glade (+1), or decide to charm them instead (-1).
+1 I Maiden's Glade Upon reaching the dead wolves, decide to ignore them and continue on to Highcliff.
±1 I Highcliff After agreeing to help Gera and Zachan, say you're doing it for the reward (+1) or not (-1).
±1 I Sunken Flagon Tell Duncan that you plan to join Moire's gang (+1), or tell him that you plan to join the City Watch (-1).
±1 I Docks District When you meet Bennon, tell him that he'll have to deal with you, too (+1), or tell Neeshka that she's on her own (-1).
±2 I Docks District After defeating Bennon, tell Neeshka that you'll protect her (+2), or tell her that she's on her own against Leldon (-2).
-1 I Merchant Quarter After defeating Tremmel, tell Neeshka to calm down.
±1 I Merchant Quarter After defeating Tremmel, tell Neeshka that you believe in her plan to deal with Leldon (+1), or that you question her plan (-1).
±1 I Moonstone Mask When asking Ophala about Leldon's whereabouts, say that you want to protect Neeshka (+1), or that you just want to deal with Leldon (-1).
±1 I Temple of Tyr After telling Oleff (truthfully) that you won't break into any crypts, tell Neeshka that you wouldn't want anybody defiling her crypt (+1) or admonish her (-1).
+1 I Back Alley Before dealing with the City Watchmen (City Watch characters only), say that "sometimes you have to do what you can to survive."
+1 I Back Alley Allow Neeshka to start a fire to distract the City Watchmen.
±1 I Back Alley After reaching the weapons shipment (City Watch characters only), loot it for your own needs (+1), or take it all back to the City Watch (-1).
±1 I Smuggler's Warehouse After finding the documents (City Watch characters only), allow Neeshka to loot the warehouse (+1), or don't let her (-1).
-2 I Smuggler's Warehouse After allowing Neeshka to loot the warehouse (City Watch characters only), accuse her of hiding some of her finds, and then fail your skill / influence checks.
±1 I Merchant Quarter / Leldon's Hideout When meeting Leldon in the park or in his hideout, tell him "touch her, and you die" (+1), or say something else (-1).
±1 I Bonegnasher Clan When Neeshka announces that she doesn't trust the emissary, tell her "I'll keep an eye on him" (+1), or say "stop questioning me" (-1).
±1 I Eyegouger Clan When Neeshka feels uncomfortable around the dead bodies on the third level, either support her instincts (+1) or disregard them (-1).
±1 I Dwarven Scouts At the locked door inside the clanhold, announce "Any treasure belongs to us now" (+1), or say "We're not here as scavengers (-1).
+1 I Library Archives When you meet the caretaker, lie when you vow to protect Neverwinter (+1).
±2 I Githyanki Base When meeting Mephasm, tell Neeshka to follow your lead (+2), or disrespect her (-2).
±2 II Docks District When you meet Tasha and learn of Leldon's plan, decide to go after Leldon (+2), or try to discourage Neeshka (-2).
-1 II Blacklake District When you meet Pepin Pollo, offer to buy the painting for Shandra.
-1 II Blacklake District When you meet Pepin Pollo, offer to pay 500 gp for the painting.
±1 II Blacklake District When talking to Kyli Bryce, tell her that she should let her sister do as she pleases (+1), or say that her sister needs more discipline (-1).
+2 II Haven Approach When collecting water from the geyser, make the dexterity (or tumble?) check.
±2 II Ammon Jerro's Haven When talking to Baalbisan, allow Neeshka to taunt him (+2), or tell her to be quiet (-2).
±2 II Ammon Jerro's Haven After telling Baalbisan to "stand back" (male characters only), allow Neeshka to talk (+2), or tell her to be quiet (-2).
±2 II Ammon Jerro's Haven When talking to Zaxis, allow Neeshka to taunt him (+2), or tell her to be quiet (-2).
+1 II Ammon Jerro's Haven After learning Zaxis' true name, command him to stop referring to himself in the third person.
+2 III Circle of the Mere When Elanee decides to leave your party, attack her.
±1 III Crossroad Keep When selecting Neeshka to come with you to destroy the bridges, tell her "And so would I" (+1), or say "I just need a thief" (-1).
±1 III Crossroad Keep When choosing Neeshka to fight with you on the walls, tell her "I need someone watching my back" (+1), or say "There isn't much choice" (-1).
+2 III Inner Sanctum When Neeshka wavers, tell her "I need you, Neeshka."

Spoilers (Highlight to Read):

Neeshka will turn against you during the final battle in the campaign if you don't have enough influence with her.

If you're playing version 1.03 or later, then Neeshka will have a tail. Otherwise, she won't.