Companions: Khelgar

Khelgar Ironfist


Neutral good shield dwarf fighter

Starting Ability Scores:

18 STR, 13 DEX, 18 CON, 10 INT, 10 WIS, 7 CHA


You'll meet Khelgar when you first arrive at the Weeping Willow Inn, and he'll automatically join your party.

Best Quotes:

"Every tavern's an opportunity, I say."

"Always talking, and to elves and half-demons and the like. It'll end badly, I tell you."

"They're monks, aye. Crazy water-drinking fools. Hmmmph. Hope drinking water isn't what makes them fight like that."

"Prejudiced? I'm not prejudiced! By the Nine Hells, I even travel with a back-stabbing tiefling of all things, and you know how her kind are!"


When you first meet Khelgar, he'll tell you of his desire to become a monk (for all the wrong reasons). You won't be able to do anything about this until you reach Neverwinter. In the Merchant Quarter there, inside the Temple of Tyr, you'll meet Prior Hlam. Pior Hlam will tell Khelgar that he'll need to pass three trials before he can become a monk: the Trial of the Maimed, the trial of the Even-Handed, and the Trial of Justice. You'll be given a quest entry for each trial.

Trial of the Maimed: For this trial, Khelgar will need to make amends for wounding somebody in his past. You'll get just such an opportunity at the Dwarven Scouts area, which will show up on the world map after you've visited Old Owl Well. There you'll discover that the Ironfist Clan wasn't thrilled with Khelgar's decision to leave the clan and attempt to become a monk, but they'll forgive him once you've explored the area and picked up the Gauntlets of Ironfist, a relic of the clan. As of version 1.02, your quest journal won't update to let you know that you've completed this trial (it will still mention gaining influence with Khelgar), but finding the gauntlets and letting the Ironfist Clan know about it is all that you're required to do.

Trial of the Even-Handed: For this trial, Khelgar will need to become less prejudiced about the people he's traveling with. Fortunately, unlike in real life, getting people in the game to change their views is pretty easy. Just tell Khelgar, "I wanted to ask you about some of our companions." If you have enough influence with him (7 points is enough), then the conversation will flow automatically, and you'll complete the trial.

Trial of Justice: For this trial, Khelgar will need to learn "why he wished to fight." This will happen automatically after the Ember trial in Act II, when Khelgar declares how unjust the proceedings were.

To complete the quest, you'll need to return to Hlam in the Temple of Tyr and let him know that Khelgar has completed the trials. Each time you "turn in" a trial, you'll receive 250 xp. After turning in all three, you'll be given the option of converting Khelgar into a monk. If you decide to do that, then Khelgar will become lawful good, and he'll drop to level 1 -- but he'll keep all of his experience, allowing you to advance him back up to his previous level.

If you want to keep Khelgar a fighter, then all you can do is not let him convert into a monk. There's a dialogue option that makes it sound like you might be able to convince him that staying a fighter is fine, but you'll always fail the influence check on it, even if you raise your influence over Khelgar to 100 (the maximum).


Khelgar tends to think with his fists, so he'll usually appreciate it when you rush headlong into battle. Here are some of the places where you can gain infleunce with Khelgar.

Amt Act Location Situation
±1 I Weeping Willow Inn Help Gera without demanding money (+1), or refuse to help her (-1).
±1 I Swamp Cave When you meet up with Galen, antagonize his guards and tell them "We can settle this right now... if you're eager to die" (+1), or say "Enough" (-1).
-1 I Bandit Toll Encounter Handle the bandits without fighting, and then tell Khelgar that you're the one making the decisions.
±1 I The Graveyard After discovering the dead soldier, agree that it is better to die with honor (+1), or decide that "dead is dead."
+1 I Maiden's Glade Agree to fight the wolves in the glade.
±1, +2 I Highcliff At the drunk sailors, offer to teach them a lesson (+2), threaten to kill them (+1), or attempt to reason with them (-1).
±1 I Sunken Flagon Tell Duncan that you plan to join the City Watch (+1), or tell him that you plan to join Moire's gang (-1).
+1 I Back Alley Before dealing with the City Watchmen (City Watch characters only), say that "gold is no reason for breaking the law."
+1 I Back Alley Fight the City Watchmen rather than trying to distract them.
±1 I Back Alley After reaching the weapons shipment (City Watch characters only), decide to take everything to the City Watch (+1), or loot it for your own needs (-1).
-1 I Smuggler's Warehouse After allowing Neeshka to loot the warehouse (City Watch characters only), admonish Khelgar for criticizing her.
±3 I Dwarven Scouts At the end of the conversation with Khulmar, tell Khelgar "We are with you" (+3), or else say "You don't need them" (-3).
-1 I Dwarven Scouts When you find the dead dwarf, say something uncomplimentary to Khelgar (like "I doubt you could have done much better").
+1 I Dwarven Scouts After freeing Khayar, tell him "I am honored."
-1 I Dwarven Scouts After freeing Khayar, call him a "fool" to Khelgar.
-1 I Dwarven Scouts After freeing Khayar, accuse Khelgar of being selfish.
±1 I Dwarven Scouts At the locked door inside the clanhold, say "We're not here as scavengers" (+1), or announce "Any treasure belongs to us now" (-1).
±4 I Dwarven Scouts Tell Khelgar that he can have the Gauntlets of Ironfist (+4), or keep them for yourself (-4).
±1 I Eyegouger Clan Let nature take its course with the wounded orcs (+1), or kill the orcs (-1).
-5 III Circle of the Mere When Elanee decides to leave your party, attack her.
±1 III Ironfist Stronghold When talking to Khayar, call the stronghold "impressive" (+1), or say you thought it would be "grander" (-1).
±1 III Ironfist Stronghold When Khulmar suggests that you track down the Belt of Ironfist, agree to go (+1), or refuse to go (-1).
±1 III Mount Galardrym When first arriving, say "We'll get the belt back" or "We'll make the fire giants sorry" (+1), or suggest talking to the giants (-1).
±1 III Mount Galardrym When talking to the fire giant king, say "The Ironfists are neither pathetic nor worthy of laughter" (+1), or say "I could care less about you and the dwarves" (-1).
+1 III Mount Galardrym When talking to the fire giant king, say "Enough of this."
-1 III Mount Galardrym When talking to the fire giant king, say "Don't let him get to you, Khelgar."
±1 III Mount Galardrym When talking to the fire giant king (after killing Tholapsyx), say "I'm with you, Khelgar" (+1), or say "We've lost this battle" (-1).
±1 III Mount Galardrym After obtaining the Belt of Ironfist, tell Khelgar "You are not Loudram" or "You still have a chance to fix it" (+1), or say "You should take a breath before jumping into battle all the time" or "Enough of your wallowing" (-1).
±1 III Ironfist Stronghold When claiming the Hammer of Ironfist, say "If anyone deserves to lift that hammer, Khelgar, it's you" (+1), or else say "I can't believe I went along with this" (-1).
±1 III Crossroad Keep When selecting Khelgar to come with you to destroy the bridges, tell him "There's no better dwarf I'd want fighting beside me" (+1), or say "I don't want you for fighting" (-1).
±1 III Crossroad Keep When choosing Khelgar to fight with you on the walls, tell him "Your fighting skills are what we need" (+1), or say "I don't need you to fight" (-1).


If you convert Khelgar to a monk, then he'll keep all of the ability score bonuses he received while advancing as a fighter. Khelgar starts out with ability scores more suited to a fighter, but if you plan ahead and wait until level 16 to switch him over, you can make him into a very powerful monk. Note: This "feature" was apparently fixed in version 1.10.