Companions: Qara



Chaotic neutral human sorcerer

Starting Ability Scores:

10 STR, 14 DEX, 14 CON, 12 INT, 11 WIS, 18 CHA


You'll meet Qara next to the Sunken Flagon in the Neverwinter Docks District at some point in Act I (usually during the "guard post" quest for the City Watch or Moire).

Best Quotes:

"From what I hear, no woman could learn about Ironfist manhood from you, Khelgar."

"What is this place? That's it. I am never traveling in the mountains again."


When you meet Qara, she'll be in the middle of an argument with two Academy students, Glina and Hetha. You'll have two ways of handling the encounter: you can either convince Glina and Hetha to leave peacefully, or else you can encourage a fight and then kill them.

Regardless, the next time you leave the Sunken Flagon (even without Qara), you'll be attacked by another Academy student named Praven. After the battle, if you ask Qara about him, she'll let you know that he was a part of a rival house in the Academy, along with Glina (that's why he called Glina his "sister"), and that he had been punished for attacking her on school grounds.

Then the next time you leave the Sunken Flagon with Qara, an Academy student named Ashni, and no less than 15 of his Academy friends, will attack you. A fireball or two can end this battle in a hurry, but at some point during the fight (perhaps after Ashni has been damaged enough), Magister Johcris, Glina's father, will show up. He'll drop a veiled threat -- "We shall meet again, Qara. I look forward to it." -- and then he'll leave, taking any surviving Academy students away with him.

At some point after that, when arriving in the Neverwinter Docks District, you'll witness a cutscene where Johcris will make a deal with the Luskan mages of the Hosttower. If they can make Qara suffer, then he'll supply them with "students... disciples... even slaves."

At some point early in Act II, you'll witness a cutscene where Johcris will help a mage from the Luskan Hosttower create an "animus elemental" to stalk Qara (you'll later recognize the Hosttower mage as Sydney Natale).

Then, at various points in Act II (such as your first trip to Crossroad Keep), the creature will attack you. As a single spellcaster against your entire party, it won't fare very well, but it will "leave" each time you defeat it, and so you won't be able to actually kill it. We've only faced the animus elemental once in these sorts of random encounters, but we've heard that you can encounter it twice.

Qara's quest sequence will come to an end early in Act III. You'll receive a message that Sydney Natale would like to meet you, Zhjaeve and Qara in an isolated location -- which will turn out, unsurprisingly, to lead to a trap. Sydney will summon the animus elemental to attack you again, and when it fails, she'll attack you herself. This final encounter will occur even if you've skipped everything else involving Qara.


Qara is arrogant to an extreme, and she'll always support choices that allow her to unleash her power. Here are some of the places where you can influence Qara.

Amt Act Location Situation
±3 I N/A When discussing Qara, say "instinct and experience are the best teacher" (+3), or "they're trying to teach you to use your powers better" (-3).
±3 I N/A When discussing Glina and Hetha, say "just as long as you know when to unleash your power" (+3), or "you need to learn more control over your powers" (-3).
±3 I N/A When discussing Praven, support her attacks against his house (+3), or don't (-3).
±3 I N/A When talking about Johcris, agree that violence is the best teacher (+3), or argue that a less violent approach is better (-3).
+1 I Back Alley Fight the City Watchmen or allow Qara to start a fire to distract them.
±1 I Back Alley After Qara sets the fire, tell her to "burn as much as you like" (+1), or else use one of the other two dialogue choices (-1).
±1 I Eyegouger Clan When meeting the shadow priest, say "I won't let you have her" (+1), or ask "And all I have to do is giver her to you?" (-1).
±1 I Ember When Bishop advises caution, plunge on ahead anyway (+1), or stop to investigate the village (-1).
+1 I Ember After the ambush, say "If that was the best they could do, we'll be fine."
±1 III True Name Meeting When talking to Sydney Natale about Jalboun, tell her to send her thug away (+1), or encourage Jalboun to keep talking (-1).
+5 III Circle of the Mere When Elanee decides to leave your party, attack her.
±1 III Crossroad Keep When selecting Qara to come with you to destroy the bridges, tell her "Throwing spells around is exactly what I want" (+1), or say "I'm warning you" (-1).
±1 III Crossroad Keep When selecting companions to come with you to destroy the bridges, choose Sand after Qara and tell them "Just stand in the back, Sand" (+1), or say "I suggest you listen to Sand, Qara" (-1).
±1 III Crossroad Keep When choosing Qara to fight with you on the walls, tell her "I don't want you to hold back" (+1), or say "Just restrain yourself" (-1).
-1 III Crossroad Keep When selecting companions to fight with you on the walls, choose Sand after Qara and tell Qara "Try to follow Sand's lead."

Spoilers (Highlight to Read):

After Qara becomes available as a companion, the first time you enter the Sunken Flagon, Qara, Neeshka and Khelgar will have a funny conversation about insults.

During the final battle, you'll have to make an influence check to keep Qara in your party.