Companions: Rinara



Neutral evil half-elf rogue

Starting Ability Scores:

12 STR, 18 DEX, 14 CON, 13 INT, 10 WIS, 13 CHA


You'll meet Rinara at the start of the campaign.


Rinara will start out with Rinara's Rogue Links and the short swords Devil's Guile and Demon's Spite.


Amt Location Situation
±1 Harbor Loop After dealing with Fulgrim, ask Rinara why she didn't tell you about her "former career" (+1), or tell her "nice work" (+1), or ask her about being a Night Mask (-1).
±1 Harbor Loop When a beggar woman accuses Rinara of being a murderess, convince her otherwise (+1), or say nothing (-1).
+1 Market Triangle When the weapon merchant recognizes Rinara, convince him (through bluff, perform, or sleight of hand) that he's mistaken.
+1 Undergate When the drow merchant recognizes Rinara, pass an appraise check to distract him.
-1 Morningstar Haven Agree to an alliance with the Church of Lathander.
±1 Ebon Claw Hideout When Altama proposes an alliance, agree to work with her (+1), or decline (-1).
±1 Arena District Complete the quest Go for the Throat by using violence (-1), or by being stealthy (+1).
±1 Massacre House During the quest Hounds in the Night, pretend to be a Night Mask (+1), or reveal the truth (-1).
±1 Massacre House During the quest Hounds in the Night, accept Wickers' bribe (+1), or refuse it (-1).
±1 Harbor Loop After meeting with Pentical Bleth, when Rinara asks Mantides if he's angry with her, take Rinara's side (+1), or take Mantides' side (-1).
-1 Morningstar Haven During the quest Hunt for a Token, pay Beylia for her token.
±1 Harbor Loop During the quest Hunt for a Token, enter the lizardfolk shaman's home when he's not there or distracted (+1), or fight him (-1).
±1 Kajeel's During the quest The Mysterious Kajeel, kill Kajeel (-1), or let him live (+1).
±1 Arena District When Rinara tells you about her stash, compliment her for tricking viglor (+1), or compare her to Viglor (-1).




Original Campaign


Mask of the Betrayer


Storm of Zehir


Mysteries of Westgate