Companions: Construct



Neutral fighter

Starting Ability Scores:

26 STR, 14 DEX, 22 CON, 14 INT, 10 WIS, 8 CHA


You'll find the Construct in the basement of Crossroad Keep (after you've captured the keep), but you won't be allowed to add it to your party until you've reactivated it. See Grobnar's character page for how to do this.


Other than the quest to reactivate it (which is covered on Grobnar's character page), the Construct is not involved in any quests. However, it is possible to upgrade the Construct three times.

To upgrade the construct, you'll need at least 15 ranks in craft alchemy, craft armor, or craft weapon. If you haven't been building up these skills on your main character, then you should still be able to reach 15 ranks through equipment and spells. For example, all three skills are based on intelligence, so if fox's cunning is cast on you, you'll increase your intelligence by +4 and your skill level by +2. You can also use Greater Gloves of the Artificer (+6, available from Nya in Port Llast), greater heroism (+4), and a song of competence (+4 or +6). Grobnar should be able to handle the latter two buffs.

To attempt the upgrades, you'll need to talk to the Construct (by right-clicking on it). This will start up a conversation between you and Grobnar, and the upgrade options will come up after you've asked Grobnar how to give the Construct orders, and if the Construct can be upgraded.

Unfortunately, even under version 1.04, the upgrading process has a few bugs. Instead of the upgrades giving the Construct the bonus feats they're supposed to, they give him warlock energy resistance feats. Listed below are the upgrades, what they actually give Construct, and what they're supposed to give the Construct.

Upgrade Type What the Construct Gets What the Construct Should Get
Craft alchemy Resist cold energy +15 hit points
Craft armor Resist electrical energy +3 AC
Craft weapon Resist fire energy +6 strength

Finally, if you have Sand in your party, and if you fail the craft alchemy upgrade, then he'll offer to perform it for you. However, as of version 1.04, this sequence is broken, and Sand won't actually upgrade the Construct.

Spoilers (Highlight to Read):

It's possible to lose control of the Construct for the final battle, but only if you fail influence checks with Bishop and Grobnar.


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