Port Llast (Act II)

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Area Note

You'll be required to have Sand in your party when you leave for this area.

Later, after the Ember trial, the first time you travel to Port Llast, you'll be confronted by an adventuring band led by a dwarf named Zinn. Zinn will want to collect on a bounty placed on you by Luskan, but the battle should be totally one-sided, and Zinn and Co. should go down quickly. When you loot the corpses, you'll find a variety of magical equipment, including a Short Sword of Quickness, a Drow Piwafi Cloak, Bracers of Dexterity +4, and a Major Circlet of Blasting.


1 - Starting Point

"Ah, and here we are in the illustrious Port Llast. Watch where you step -- you might get some of the local culture on your boots."

2 - The Cracked Anvil

Here you'll encounter Yask, who sells armor, and Haljal Throndor, who sells weapons. Haljal will let you know that somebody named Elgun has been telling tales about the attack on Ember. You'll find Elgun in the local tavern (#6).

If you have the "Blessed of Waukeen" feat (available to players who purchased the limited edition version of the game), then Haljal will offer you a special selection of goods, such as Graena's Triumph, the Pharaoh's Mace, and Anagrys' Shackle-Breaker.

If you're comfortable using the console, then you can use the following commands to give yourself the "Blessed of Waukeen" feat:
Right click on your character
Press the tilde key (~)
Type: DebugMode 1
Type: givefeat 1765
Type: DebugMode 0
Press the tilde key (~) again

3 - Garrison Building

Inside this building you'll meet Haeromos Dothwintyl, the captain of the local garrison (and the guy everybody has been telling you to talk to). He won't be happy to see you, because he'll be certain that you're the one responsible for what happened in Ember. However, he will mention that there was a survivor to the attack, and if you make the right skill check, then he'll even let you question her.

The survivor is Alaine, the woman you met during your first visit to Ember. She'll recognize you as the person responsible for the butchery, but if you keep talking to her, and if you're diplomatic, you might make her realize that perhaps something else was going on.

After your conversation with Alaine, Sand will suggest that you use her in your defense, because if you don't, then Luskan will undoubtedly use her in their prosecution. If you agree with Sand, then you'll be able to call Alaine as a witness in the trial, but this is only worthwhile if you think that she will say positive some things about you. Luskan will call Alaine as a witness regardless of what you decide.

After you conversation with Haeromos and Alaine, Ember and Duskwood will appear on the world map.

4 - Enleva and Noduab

Enleva and Noduab will talk to you about the Wendersnaven, but you won't be able to understand what they're saying until Act III.

5 - Nya

Nya will tell you that the corpses in Ember have been left rotting where they fell, and she'll ask you to sanctify them so that their spirits can pass on. To that end, she'll give you a bag of wyrmsage. After you've used the bag on all of the corpses in Ember, when you return to Nya, she'll reward you with 750 xp and an Amulet of the Doomguide.

Nya will also act as a shopkeeper, and she'll offer you a variety of equipment, including Shar's Belt of Priestly Might and Warding and Nasher's Ring of Strength.

6 - Alliance Arms Inn

When you first approach the inn, four guards outside will decide that it's time you finally paid for massacring Ember. If you're diplomatic or intimidating, then you can talk them down. Otherwise, you'll have to fight them. Either way, you'll earn about 250 xp.

Inside the inn, you'll meet a few people of interest:
  • Falgor is the innkeeper. He'll describe to you a few of the rumors swirling around about what happened in Ember.

  • Malin is a ranger. She'll tell you that she saw smoke from a campfire in Duskwood, and she'll speculate that whoever's there might have seen what happened in Ember. If you have Bishop in your party, then Malin and Bishop will recognize each other, but not in a good way. If you ask Malin about Bishop, then she'll refuse to talk about him while he's in your party, but if you subsequently drop him off in the Sunken Flagon and return, you won't get a dialogue option to ask her about him again. The only way to get Malin to talk about Bishop is to drop him from your party before asking Malin about him. But for that case, Malin won't really say a lot; she'll just give you some warnings to be careful.

  • Calindra is a master trader. She'll tell you that her orange-haired partner Bradbury has gone missing, and she'll ask you to look for him. You'll find Bradbury's corpse in Duskwood. When you deliver the bad news to Calindra, you'll receive 1000 xp. Later, you'll be able to hire Calindra to work for you.

  • Elgun is a tale teller. When you approach him, he'll tell everybody in the bar about how he tried to stop what happened in Ember, but that he was too late. If you've spoken to Alaine (#3), Haljal (#2), and Malin (here in the inn), then you'll be able to use what you've learned from them to poke holes in Elgun's story. Elgun will then admit that he was making things up, and you'll receive 500 xp.

  1. World exit.