Bandit Quest: The Back Alley

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Axle will tell you that he wasn't thrilled with Moire's decision to burn down the City Watch building in the Docks District, and he'll ask you to handle a weapons shipment for him without involving the City Watch in any way. To find out more about the shipment, you'll need to speak with Moire. You'll find Moire in Axle's office -- not in her own office in the Docks District.

Moire will tell you that the shipment will be arriving in the Back Alley (located in the northeastern corner of the Docks District), but that because there seems to be an informant in the gang, there might be City Watchmen and rival thugs in the area. As a result, you'll have to clear a path for the shipment.

When you arrive at the Back Alley, you'll find half a dozen smugglers and two carts right outside. When you enter the Back Alley, the smugglers will follow behind you. Your goal is to deal with the thugs and City Watchmen in the area. The rival thugs will all start out hostile, but the City Watchmen will start out neutral, and so you'll be able to talk to them and perhaps convince them to leave you alone. The smugglers will follow way behind you, so you won't have to worry about protecting them during the fights.

About halfway through your trek, you'll encounter a large group of Watchmen (#2). The Watchmen won't have any spellcasters with them, and so they'll be pretty easy to defeat, but you'll be given an alternative method for dealing with them anyway. If you have Qara, Neeshka or Elanee with you, then you can use one of them to start a fire in the alley (#2a) and distract the Watchmen. The Watchmen will them walk over to the fire and stand there for a while, giving you a chance to sneak past. If you don't set the fire, then you'll need to fight the Watchmen.

Note: If you distract the Watchmen, you can still fight them for extra xp. A couple fireballs will kill them all.

At the end of the alley, you'll meet a warehouse supervisor (#3). When you talk to him, you'll be teleported to the Smuggler's Warehouse (Exit B), where you'll immediately begin your next quest.

1 - Starting Point

2 - City Watchmen / Fire

3 - Warehouse Supervisor

  1. Exit to the Docks District.
  2. Exit to the Smuggler's Warehouse. You'll only be able to use this exit if for some reason you exit the warehouse and then want to get back in. The first time you enter the warehouse, the warehouse supervisor (#3) will lead you inside.