Aldanon's House

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When you arrive at the house, you'll find the City Watch camped outside. You'll quickly learn that robbers have invaded the house, and that two of the robbers are holding Marshal Cormick hostage outside. If you charge at the robbers, then they'll kill Cormick with their wand of magic missiles. Cormick will drop an Old Harvest Cloak when he dies, but the robbers won't drop anything. If you talk to the robbers, then you might be able to convince them to leave the house peacefully (worth 500 xp), or trick them into thinking they'll get a pardon. Regardless of how you handle the situation, you'll never see Cormick again.

Inside the house, you'll only find Aldanon's servants (#4, #6). But when you reach Harcourt (#6), he'll tell you that a nobleman named Tavorick might be in possession of a silver shard, and he'll recommend that you go to visit him as quickly as possible. After informing Lord Nasher of what you have discovered (which will net you 2000 xp), that's exactly what you should do. You'll find Lord Nasher in Castle Never, and you'll find Tavorick inside his estate in the Blacklake District.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Bookshelf

On this bookshelf, you can pick up the recipe book On the Crafting of Mystical Garb for All Climes.

3 - Locked Doors

You won't be able to open these doors.

4 - Butler

You'll find the butler cornered by three thugs. If you can save him, then you'll receive 500 xp.

5 - Kitchen

One of the thugs in the kitchen will drop the kukri Ladymist Talon when he dies.

6 - Scab

Scab is the bandit leader. When you approach him, he'll turn hostile, and he'll order his men to kill the remaining hostages: Harcourt the assistant, the maid, and the cook. If you save the hostages, then you'll receive 400 xp in total, and Harcourt will tell you a couple things of interest: that Aldanon was taken out of the house by an unknown group of kidnappers, and that the nobles who were killed in the Blacklake District were in possession of a silver shard, and that a nobleman named Tavorick probably has it now.

On Scab's corpse, you'll find a Ring of Protection +2 and The Book of Fire.

7 - Chests

Inside the two chests here, you'll find the falchion Decision, plus a canary diamond and a blue diamond.

  1. Front door of the house.
  2. Stairs between the main floor and the basement.
  3. Stairs between the main floor and the basement. The door blocking this staircase will start out locked, and you'll only be able to open it from the basement side.