Ironfist Stronghold

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Your goal in the stronghold is to gain the support of the Ironfist dwarves. However, Keros (#5), the leader of the dwarves, will show utter disdain for Khelgar (calling him, among other things, a "deserter"), and he won't like you or Neverwinter much better.

Fortunately, when you leave Keros, another dwarf named Khulmar will come up to you, and he'll lead you to a vault (#6), where you'll find the Hammer of Ironfist flanked by a pair of chests. Khulmar will tell you that whoever can lift the warhammer is the person who should be leading the dwarves, but that in order to lift the warhammer, you'll need to be wearing the Belt of Ironfist in addition to the Gauntlets of Ironfist that you should have found in the Dwarven Scouts area in Act I. Khulmar will go on to say that the belt is probably in the possession of the fire giants of Mount Galardrym, and he'll mark the location of the mountain on the world map.

After acquiring the belt...

When you return to the Ironfist Stronghold and talk to Keros (#5), a cutscene will start up. Khelgar will equip the Gauntlets of Ironfist and the Belt of Ironfist, and he'll use them to claim the Hammer of Ironfist. That will give Khelgar the right to rule the dwarves, and he'll direct them to stand with Neverwinter against the King of Shadows. At the end of the cutscene, you'll earn 1000 xp for forming an alliance with the dwarves.

"When the King of Shadows comes, well, he'll have a fight they'll hear down in the dwarven halls, won't he?"

Note: The Hammer of Ironfist can only be used by a dwarf who also wears the Gauntlets of Ironfist and the Belt of Ironfist. This is sort of annoying if you've converted Khelgar into a monk, but at least you should be able to use two of the three items.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Khayar

If Khelgar is in your party, then Khayar (#2) will welcome you to the stronghold, and he'll unlock the door to the north (#2a), but he'll warn you that Keros (#6), the leader of the Ironfist dwarves, doesn't like Khelgar very much. If Khelgar isn't in your party, then Khayar won't unlock the door, and you won't be able to do much in the stronghold.

3 - Locked Doors

We've never found a way to open these doors.

4 - Revorax

Revorax is a blacksmith and a shopkeeper. He'll offer you a good selection of armor and weapons, including Black Flame Armor and a Rift Hammer.

5 - Treasure Room

If you pick open the door to the treasure room and then disable some (difficult) traps, you'll be able to loot four treasure chests. Inside the chests, you'll find some high level magic scrolls plus some other random loot.

6 - Throne Room

7 - Vault

The vault will only open after you've spoken to Keros and Khulmar in the throne room (#6). When Khulmar talks to you in the vault, he'll give you a Ring of Major Fire Resistance, which should come in handy when you visit Mount Galardrym.

  1. World exit.