Shandra's Farm (Act III)

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Area Note

When you tell Sir Nevalle that Crossroad Keep is ready, he and the Neverwinter forces will march on Highcliff, but the battle will go badly. Lord Nasher will be wounded, the King of Shadows will prevail, and the remaining Neverwinter forces will retreat back to Crossroad Keep.

When Nevalle returns to the keep, he'll advise you to "talk to your people here, see what can be done to prepare for the coming siege." If you still need to build up the keep or improve the equipment of your soldiers, now is the time to do so (although, from what we can tell, it won't make any difference).

Most of the people in the keep will say exactly the same things that they said before, but if you go into the keep interior, Aldanon will tell you that Ammon Jerro has gone missing, and Bishop will offer to track him down. If you take Bishop up on his offer, then you'll find yourself at Shandra's Farm.

If you don't care about Ammon Jerro, you can tell Sir Nevalle that Crossroad Keep is ready for the siege, and you'll skip this section.


You'll arrive at Shandra's Farm just in time to witness a cutscene between Ammon Jerro and Koraboros (#2). Koraboros will decide that this is the right time to take his vengeance on Ammon Jerro, and he won't be deterred when you show up and Ammon Jerro joins you.

"I stayed my hand until you could see this ruin for yourself -- this pain is something that I cannot inflict upon you in Baator."

When the battle starts up, Koraboros will have two horned devils with him. Then, as the battle progresses, he'll summon more and more demons and devils to assist him. That means, if you don't take down Koraboros quickly, you might find yourself facing an impossible army of creatures from the lower planes.

So let him have it. Put all of your melee characters on Koraboros, and hit him with missile storms and earthquakes and any other spells that seem appropriate. He should go down fairly quickly, and when he does you'll find a Staff of the Magi on his corpse.

After the battle, you'll start up a conversation with Ammon Jerro. If you can convince him that he should be remorseful for what he's done in the past, then you'll earn 1000 xp, and Ammon Jerro will discover Shandra's Pendant hidden in the grass. If you can't convince Ammon Jerro of anything, then he'll simply show you the reason why he came back to the farm: he'll break open a crate to reveal a hidden chest (#3), and he'll take from it Balafour's Gnashing Rod. If Ammon Jerro doesn't break open the crate, then you can do it yourself and claim the rod anyway.

Before leaving the area, you should also take a look at the scarecrow (#4). If your intelligence, spot skill, or search skill is high enough, then you might find a pair of chests underneath it. If you "examine the scarecrow" then the game will check your intelligence (16 is enough). If you "examine the ground" then the game will check your spot and search skills (16 is enough). If you uncover the chests, then inside of them you'll find the Sly Blade, a Ring of Regeneration, the medium armor Spellchain, and a Scarab of Greater Protection.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Ammon Jerro / Koraboros

3 - Hidden Chest

4 - Scarecrow

  1. World exit.