Neverwinter Merchant Quarter (Act II)

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1 - Axle's Office

If you joined Axle and Moire, then when you enter his office, Axle will introduce you to Sir Edmund Cebari, "one of Lord Nasher's... favored knights." Edmund will teach you the knight's code, although he won't think much of it himself. Then he'll accept you as his squire, and he'll tell you that you'll need to observe a vigil in Solace Glade during the night (see the Solace Glade section of #3 for what happens there).

After becoming a squire, if you return to Axle and ask him for work, he'll tell you that an arms dealer named Gannish recently came to town, and he'll ask you to negotiate a deal with the man. You'll find Gannish at his estate in the Blacklake District, but he'll turn out to be an undercover agent for the City Watch, and talking to him will result in a big battle. After dealing with the Watch, when you return to Axle, you'll receive some gold and 1000 xp.

2 - Deekin

3 - City Watch Headquarter

If you joined the City Watch, then you'll meet two people of interest here: Captain Brelaina and Sir Grayson Corett.

Captain Brelaina will tell you that thieves from the Docks District are trying to buy supplies so that they can set up shop again. To stop them, she'd like you to pretend to be a shady merchant and offer them the supplies -- and then arrest them when they agree to the deal. You'll find the thieves in the Blacklake District. After dealing with them, when you return to Captain Brelaina, she'll reward you with 1000 xp.

Sir Grayson Corett will accept you as his squire, but he'll tell you that while you can skip the years of grooming his horse and shining his boots that other squires would have to endure, you'll still need to observe a vigil in the Solace Glade.

At Solace Glade...

During the vigil, Shandra will come and visit you -- and so will a trio of assassins. After the battle, Shandra will discover a strange ring on the assassin leader, and she'll give to you. You'll find a similar ring in the caverns under Ember, but your character will never seem to notice the connection. As far as we can tell, there isn't any need to hang onto the ring.

When Grayson (Edmund) returns, he'll officially make you his squire. Then he'll escort you to Lord Nasher, and Nasher will inform Ambassador Torio of the bad news: that you'll be tried in Neverwinter and not in Luskan. The trial won't start for a while, and so you can use that available time to try and prove your innocence. Lord Nasher will suggest that you start your investigation in Port Llast, which should now be on the world map.

Note: While trying to prove your innocence, you can talk to Sand or Lord Nevalle (in Neverwinter Castle) to see how you're doing.

4 - Moonstone Mask

If you have Sand in your party, then you'll be able to ask Ophala about Torio Claven. Ophala will suggest that Sand might be useful in uncovering Luskan's plots, which will then give you a chance to gain or lose influence with Sand.

"Be careful -- if she accuses you of murder with one hand, the other hand holds the murderer's dagger."

5 - Temple of Tyr

6 - Pap

  1. World exit.