City Watch Quests: Initial Quests

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After reaching Neverwinter for the first time, you'll be given a choice to join the City Watch or Moire's gang. This decision will start a long branch in the campaign, and you'll have to complete several quests for whichever organization you select. The initial City Watch quests can be found on this page. The remaining quests can be found in the "Act I: City Watch Quests" section of the walkthrough.

Note: When you first join the City Watch, Marshal Cormick (#1) will give you a City Watch Cloak. The game will make it sound like you'll need to wear the cloak to be identified as being in the Watch, but you don't actually have to wear the cloak if you don't want to.

Quest 1: Hagen's Imports

The first quest takes place in Hagen's Imports (#2). You'll arrive there just in time to talk to Hagen -- and then watch as a group of thugs will pretty much ignore your presence and demand tribute money from him. You can handle the situation either diplomatically or violently, and it won't make a difference, although you'll get xp for killing the thugs and nothing for letting them live. After the confrontation, you can demand a reward from Hagen, and he'll give you 200 gp. Back at the City Watch building (#1), Cormick will reward you with 100 xp.

Note: If you loot the locked box in Hagen's shop, you'll become more evil and chaotic.

Quest 2: Caleb

For this quest, Cormick will ask you to "put a stop to Caleb's activities." You'll find Caleb (#3) in an alley south of the City Watch building. You'll receive some diplomacy and intimidate options when you talk to him, but we've never gotten them to work, and so you'll probably have to kill him. Caleb will drop about 200 gp when he dies, and once again Cormick will reward you with 100 xp when you return to the City Watch building.

Quest 3: Sweeping the Docks Clean

For this quest, you'll need to make a sweep of the Docks District. First and foremost, you'll need to visit each of the four City Watch guard posts in the district (#4), and decide if the guards there can be trusted, or if they've become compromised by Moire. You'll find a lot of corruption amongst the guards, and you'll have to decide how much is too much, but it doesn't really matter what actions you take, if any. Basically, for each guard post, you'll be given some dialogue options to bring the guards back fully to the Watch, and if that doesn't work, then you'll have to fight them.

You'll also find some special encounters in the district. In the northeastern corner you'll run into some "movers" pushing a cart (#5). You'll quickly discover that the movers are really thieves. You can try and shake them down for some of the loot (200 gp), or you can fight them and then take all of the loot for yourself (including 1000 gp in the wagon). But note: if you loot the wagon then you'll become more chaotic.

Also, in the northern part of the district, you'll meet Trent Vendall (#6), who will offer you a drink. If you talk to Trent, then you'll eventually accuse him of loitering. If you can convince him to go back inside and finish his drink there, then you'll earn 75 xp. If you do anything else (including accepting the drink) then you won't earn any xp.

Finally, you'll find some random groups of thugs in the district. They'll pop up here and there while you're visiting the guard posts. Each thug is worth about 150 xp (depending on your level), so you should track down as many of them as possible.

However, when you return to the City Watch building, you'll find that it's on fire! One of the guards there will let you know that Lieutenant Roe died in the blaze, but that Marshal Cormick survived and has moved on to the Merchant Quarter where he's currently meeting with Captain Brelaina. You'll have to move on to the Merchant Quarter yourself to receive more quests from the Watch. You'll find Brelaina and Cormick in the City Watch Headquarters building there.

1 - City Watch Building

2 - Hagen's Imports

3 - Caleb

4 - City Watch Guard Posts

5 - Movers

6 - Trent Vendall