Neverwinter Docks District (Act II)

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At the start of Act II, Luskan Ambassador Torio will accuse you of slaughtering the entire village of Ember (which you recently passed through on your way to the Githyanki Base). Luskan has an extradition treaty that allows them to dispense low justice, which would apply to you, but if you were to become a squire, then you'd be subject to Neverwinter's high justice. Obviously, staying in Neverwinter is far healthier for you than going to Luskan.

If you joined the City Watch, then Sir Nevalle of the Neverwinter Nine will show up and suggest that you meet with Sir Grayson Corett at the City Watch Headquarters building in the Merchant Quarter, and agree to become his squire. If you joined Axle and Moire, then Sir Nevalle won't be able to do anything for you, but Axle will send you a note inviting you to meet Sir Edmund Cebari in his office, for exactly the same reason.

Otherwise, the Docks District will remain about the same as before, except for a couple new encounters, described below.

1 - Sunken Flagon

2 - Tasha

If you're far enough along in Neeshka's quests (see Neeshka's character page for more information), then the first time you exit the Sunken Flagon, you'll run into Tasha here. If Neeshka is in your party, then Tasha will tell her that Leldon is planning one last job before he retires as "the greatest thief in Neverwinter's history." Tasha will even tell you the location: the Collector's Mansion in the Blacklake District.

3 - Sand's Shop

With Sand now a companion, you'll find a merchant elemental in his shop instead. The elemental will have some new items available for you to buy -- including useful druid equipment such as Elder Oak Gloves and the Staff of Ascension -- but it won't give you the same great prices that Sand did in Act I.

4 - Fibba

Fibba will tell you that she's leaving the city, but before she goes, she'll offer to sell you a variety of interesting weapons and armor, such as Great Wyrm Gauntlets, Laeral's Storm Armor, and Mordan's Withering Blade. If you have the "Blessed of Waukeen" epithet feat (available to players who bought the limited edition version of the game), then Fibba will also show you her exotic items, including Graena's Fortune, Sun from the West, and the vorpal falchion Headsman.

If you're comfortable using the console, then you can use the following commands to give yourself the "Blessed of Waukeen" feat:
Right click on your character
Press the tilde key (~)
Type: DebugMode 1
Type: givefeat 1765
Type: DebugMode 0
Press the tilde key (~) again

5 - Werth the Armorsmith

6 - Repko the Weaponsmith

While Neverwinter Nights 2 was in development, the Los Angeles Dodgers had backup outfielders named Jayson Werth and Jason Repko. Could it be a coincidence?

7 - Reylene

  1. Exit to the Back Alley. You can still enter the Back Alley if you'd like, but you won't find anything there.
  2. World exit.