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Area Note

You'll be required to have Sand in your party when you leave for this area. However, magic won't work here, and so Sand and any other caster in your party won't be of much help.


1 - Lyssa

When you approach Lyssa, she'll confuse you for Lorne, and she'll ask you why you haven't held up your end of the bargain. If you have a high enough bluff skill, then you can pretend to be Lorne, but it doesn't really matter. No matter who Lyssa thinks you are, she'll try to make a deal with you: she'll want you to fetch the Glowstone from the Glowstone Caverns (which you can reach via Exit A) in exchange for the alteration powder she used on Lorne to make him look like you.

If you pretend to be Lorne and trick Lyssa into giving you the powder, then you'll receive 1000 xp, and Lyssa will stand around waiting for the Glowstone, giving you a chance to kill her (or complete the deal). If you give Lyssa the Glowstone before receiving the alteration powder, then you'll receive 1000 xp and the powder, and Lyssa will disappear. If you decide that the Glowstone is better off with the goblins, then you'll have to fight Lyssa to get the alteration powder. If Elanee is in your party, then she'll prevent the dire creatures next to Lyssa from participating in the battle. Otherwise, you'll have to fight Lyssa and the creatures both. When Lyssa dies, she'll drop the alteration powder plus a Lesser Magic Bag.

Note: You can also steal the alteration powder from Lyssa, but doing so won't update the "Lorne's Disguise" quest, and so it probably won't help you.

2 - Mirri and Jilla and the Cave

Mirri and Jilla are gnomes. When you approach them, they'll introduce themselves and tell you how they came over from Lantan and then decided to stay. They'll also tell you that they collect insects: "We catch them and sketch them, then name them and box them up. Trim and tidy, clean and neat." Their work keeps them in Duskwood, and they won't know anything about what happened in Ember.

Inside the cave, you'll encounter a few dire wolves to kill. Then at the back of the cave, you'll find a corpse and a garbage pile. When you approach the corpse, Sand will recognize it as Bradbury (assuming that you've spoken to Calindra in Port Llast), and you'll receive 900 xp. Mirri and Jilla will also take the opportunity to reveal themselves as werewolves, and, no matter what you say to them, they'll attack you. This battle can be tough without magic, but once you've defeated the pair, you'll find an Amulet of the Harpers and an insect collection on their corpses. You can use the insect collection with Kistrel in the Glowstone Caverns.

Inside the garbage pile at the back of the cave, you'll find some Improved Robes of the Old Order.

  1. Entrance to the Glowstone Caverns. If you haven't been in the caverns yet, then this entrance will be blocked by a boulder. That is, you'll have to enter the caverns via Ember the first time you go in.
  2. World exit.