Swamp Cave

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The Swamp Cave is an optional area that will show up on the world map after you've been to the Weeping Willow Inn. You'll find a bunch of lizardfolk in the area, and you can even run into a giant spider (#2), but mostly the area is just there so you can track down a lizardfolk chieftain (#3) and defeat him in battle. Nothing here will advance the main plotline or update any quests.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Galen

If you haven't been to Forte Locke yet, then you'll find Galen and his merchant guards fighting some lizardfolk here. If you antagonize the guards, then you'll gain some influence with Khelgar.

3 - Giant Spider

4 - Chieftain's Room

In this room you'll encounter a lizardfolk chieftain, plus a couple of his closest lizardfolk friends. Once the carnage is complete, you'll find a Shortbow +1, Greater Gloves of the Minstrel, and the morningstar Bone Phoenix on the remains of the lizardfolk, and you'll also discover the book On the Refinement of the Alchemist's Craft and Boots of the Winterlands in the (trapped) chests in the back of the room.

Note: The Bone Phoenix does fire damage, which makes it a useful weapon to hang onto, since you'll need to do fire damage when you eventually meet up with trolls.

  1. Entrance to the swamp cave.
  2. World exit.